Dave the Diver features a lot of fish. There are plenty to discover and catch, but you cannot catch all of them from the get-go, and certain fish have specific requirements. The Marinca app helps you keep track of all the fish in the game and how many you have caught. In this Dave the Diver guide, we go over how you can catch all the fish and complete all the Marinca pages.


Before diving in, it is worth mentioning that to get the best quality of fish, you should use a tranquilizer or a net gun. The Large Net Gun is one of the best weapons that you can use early on to catch a large quantity of small fish.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not possible to catch all the fish in Dave the Diver without ending the story, as some fish are linked to events while others can only be caught once you have completed the game. Furthermore, all fish do not spawn during each dive, so similar to fishing in real life, you will need to be patient and keep trying.

How To Catch All Fish In Dave The Diver

The following is a breakdown of all the fish that you need you catch according to the depths of the Blue Hole.

Note: Some fish only spawn during the day and night, and some have specific catch requirements, which we have mentioned in the tables below, the following is what the different special conditions mean:

  • Day – Only spawn during the day
  • Night – Spawn only at night
  • Large – Large fish need to be killed, and their meat needs to be cut off. To get three stars for these kinds of fish, use a tranquilizer or steel net. You can then recover them using a drone.
  • Hidden – These fish hide, and you need to get close for them to come out.
  • Limestone Cave – These fish are in the Limestone Cave.
  • Shipwreck – These fish can be found in the Shipwreck.
  • First Glacial Cave – Fish only spawn in the first glacial cave.
  • Second Glacial Cave – Fish only spawn in the second glacial cave.
  • Third Glacial Cave – Fish only spawn in the third glacial cave.
  • Divine Tree Control Room – Fish found in the Divine Tree Control Room.
  • Event – Fish only appear during an event.
  • Photo – You need not catch these fish but take a photo of them. Photo fish will be 3-star.
  • Boss – These are boss fish. You might need to progress the story to find them.
Dave the Diver Marinca app

Blue Hole Shallows

Catching fish in this section is pretty straightforward, but to get 3-star quality, you will need to use a tranquilizer or a net gun. Being able to see the smaller fish and targeting them is going to be a bit tricky here. Note that not all fish spawn on every dive, and you might need to dive a couple of times before you manage to catch all the fish in this section. The following are all the fish that you can find in the Blue Hole Shallows in Dave the Diver and their sizes.

Fish NameSize (cm)Time Of DaySpecial Conditions
Cardinal Fish6Day
Sea Goldie20Day
Pyramid Butterflyfish18Day
Yellow Tang20Day
Blackspot Seabream30Day
Orbicular Batfish6Day
Blue Tang30Day
Rainbow Wrasse20Day
Lagoon Triggerfish30Day
Small Spotted Dart60Day
Yellowback Fusilier40Day
Ornate Wrasse20Day
Longfin Batfish60Day
Mediteranean Parrotfish50Day
Redtoothed Triggerfish50Day
Black and White Snapper35Day
Green Humphead Parrotfish150DayLarge
Barrel Jellyfish80Day
Fried Egg Jellyfish30Day
Whitetip Reefshark210Day/Night
Starry Puffer80Day/Night
Moray Eel100Night
Red Lionfish38Day/Night
Titan Triggerfish70Day/Night
Blacktip Reefshark150NightLarge
Copper Shark230NightLarge
Box Jellyfish100Night
Bluefin Tuna250DayLarge, Event
Yellowfin Tuna150DayLarge, Event
Flame Angelfish15Day
Emperor Angelfish40Day
Marbled Electric Ray80DayLarge, Hidden
Whiteleg Shrimp8Day
Striped Catfish30Day
Purple Sea Urchin20Day
Shortfin Mako270DayLarge
Zebra Shark240NightLarge
Thresher Shark320DayLarge
Baby Humpback Whale550DayPhoto
Pink Dolphin340DayPhoto
Manta Ray400NightPhoto
Loggerhead Turtle350DayPhoto
Red-Lipped Batfish40NightPhoto
Truck Hermit CrabNightBoss
Mantis ShrimpNightBoss
Great White SharkNightBoss

Blue Hole Medium Depth

This new area adds more fish to catch and introduces new challenges. The following are all the fish that you can catch in the Blue Hole Medium Depth in Dave the Diver.

Fish NameSize (cm)Time Of DaySpecial Conditions
Bluehead Tilefish15Day
Clown Frogfish15Day
Painted Comber25Day
Bigeye Scad30Day
Striped Red Mullet3030Day
Mackerel Scad40Day
Harlequin Hind40Day
Bigeye Trevally60Day
Coral Trout60Day
Grey Triggerfish50Day
Atlantic Bonito75Day
White Trevally60Day
Dusky Grouper120Day
Atlantic Mackerel65Day
Giant Trevally150DayLarge
White Spotted Jellyfish50Day
Tiger Shark650Night/DayLarge
Great Barracuda170Night/Day
Narrow-Barrel Spanish Mackerel90Day
Longnose Sawshark210Night/DayLarge
Atlantic Anglerfish65DayLimestone Cave
Sally Lightfood Crab50DayEvent, Large, Shipwreck
Black Tiger Shrimp8DayShipwreck
Smooth Hammerhead280DayShipwreck
White Shrimp8Night/Day
Humboldt Squid220Night
Devil Scorpionfish30NightHidden
Giant SquidDayBoss

Blue Hole Depths

By now, you should have useful guns and have upgraded your gear a fair bit. Now that you have a fair understanding of how the game works, you can progress into the depths. Things get a bit darker here, and new mechanics are introduced, but the area is fairly easy since there is not a lot of variety of fish here.

You cannot access the depths at night. That is why we have not included a time of day section in our table. The following are all the fish that you can catch in the Blue Hole Depths in Dave the Diver.

Fish NameSize (cm)Special Conditions
Chambered Nautilus25
Frilled Shark210Large
Bluespotted Stargaze70Large
Spider Crab200Large, Drop rock (1-star)
Megamouth Shark350Large
Cookiecutter Shark50
Sea Toad30
Salmon Snailfish51
Pacific Fanfish61
Threetooth Puffer54
Comb Jelly60
Blood-belly Comb Jellyfish60Tranquilizer Rifle
Red Bream15
Leatherback Turtle200Photo
Clione QueenBoss
Giant Wolf EelBoss
Goblin Shark700Boss

Glacier Passage

The Glacier Passage only has a couple of fish that you can catch. Just like the depths, this area is not available at night so we have not included the time of day section in the table below. The following are all the fish that you can find in the Glacier Passage.

Fish NameSize (cm)
Peacock Squid25
Dumbo Octopus43
Vampire Squid62
Pelican Eel100

Glacier Zone

While this region is fairly easy to navigate the fish you encounter here have a lot of health. So you should use a Tranquilizer Rifle rather than you trusty harpoon. The following are all the fish that you can catch in the Glacier Zone in Dave the Diver.

Fish NameSize (cm)Special Condition
Arctic Cod45
Gelatinous Snailfish20
Antarctic Octopus75
Greenland Shark670Large
Polar Eelpout30
Porbeagle Shark400Large
Ice Fish52
Starry Skate120Large
Arctic Telescope Fish20First Glacial Cave
Alaska Pollock70First Glacial Cave
Lumpfish60Third Glacial Cave
Stub-nosed Spiny Eel120Third Glacial Cave
Southern Right Whale Dolphin220Photo
Bathynomus50First Glacial Cave, Photo
Lion’s Mane Jellyfish3000Photo
Phantom JellyfishSecond Glacial Cave, Boss

Hydrothermal Vents

The Hydrothermal Vents is pretty small compared to other areas of the game. To catch all the fish in this area you will need to beat the main story. As always, to get 3-star fish you will need to tranquilize them or catch them with a net. The following are all the fish that you can catch in the Hydrothermal Vents area of Dave the Diver.

Fish NameSize (cm)Special Condition
Waptia Fieldensis7
Drepanaspis100Large, Hiddden
Megalograptus100Divine Tree Control Room
YawieBoss, Divine Tree Control Room

This is what you need to know about catching all the different kinds of fish and completing the Marinca pages in Dave the Diver. To learn more check out our guide on how and where to catch Seahorses.