Dave The Diver is a single-player sea exploration RPG following the adventures of Dave. It’s a casual experience, one that is quite popular among PC gamers. However, Dave The Diver PC players report that the game is crashing in-game, Pink Arrow shows up on the title screen, or having weird graphical issues. There are multiple reasons why the game is crashing to having graphical issues. In this Dave The Diver guide, I will help players with how to fix in-game crashes and graphics issues.


Dave The Diver Crash Fixes You Can Try

Dave The Diver is a charming little game that is popular among PC gamers. However, PC players report that the game is crashing constantly and they are unable to play it. Furthermore, the Pink arrow on the title screen and weird graphical issues are also being reported by Dave The Diver players. The following are the fixes that will help resolve in-game crashes and other graphical issues.

Verify Game Files (Definitive Fix)

Dave The Diver devs have noted that verifying the integrity of the game files fixes the in-game crashes, the Pink arrow issues, and the weird graphical issues. These crashes and other issues popped up following the recent update and verifying game files fixes them. Right-click Dave The Diver in Steam Library> properties > Installed Files > click “Verify Integrity Of game files”. Steam will scan any corrupt or missing files and download them.

Note: If Steam gives an error telling you that one or more files have failed to verify, don’t worry as this is normal and won’t affect the game as there are some files that are not meant to be replaced.

Update Steam

Another reason why Dave The Diver is crashing is because Steam has a pending update. Players report that updating Steam fixed the crashes. To update Steam, close it completely and launch it again. Steam will check for updates before it starts and it’ll download and install pending updates, if any. This will fix the crashing issue in Dave The Diver.

Disable In-game Overlays

IN-game overly is a common feature for PC software, especially for the ones related to video games. These in-game overlays help players access certain features but can cause the game to crash. Disable all in-game overlays like Steam and GeForce Experience overlay and the issue will be fixed.

To Disable Steam in-game overlay, open Settings > In-game > uncheck “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”.

To disable GeForce Experience overlay, click on the gear icon right next to your username > General > turn off “In-Game Overlay”.

That is all for crash fixes for Dave The Diver. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.