Dave The Diver has plenty of different bosses that have unique mechanics, and the Clione Queen is one of them. The boss is a giant Clione, unlike the regular ones that you can easily catch with your net. In this Dave the Diver guide, we go over how you can beat the Clione Queen.


Where To Find Clione Queen

You will encounter the Clione Queen as part of Maki’s questline. Once you bring her the dish that she has requested, she will reward you with a net and ask you to cath Clione. As part of the quest, you will encounter the Clione Queen.

How To Defeat Clione Queen In Dave The Diver

Like other bosses in Dave the Diver, the Clione Queen is massive and has a unique mechanic. Use the following tips to help you defeat it.

Avoid The Tentacles

The Clione Queen can produce tentacles from its mouth, which can be used to lure you in. You can free yourself by spamming the button that is prompted on the screen, but you will take damage.


Take Advantage Of The Weapon Crate

There is a weapon crate on the right side of the boss area. Open it to get a weapon upgrade or a better weapon. This will help you damage the boss.

Aim For The Weak Spots

Dave The Diver Clione Queen

The weak points of the boss are highlighted in red. The tentacles are a weak spot, and so is the tail. Hit these to deal damage. You will need a ranged weapon since the boss moves around so much. We recommend bringing a sniper, but you can also use a rifle.

This is what you need to know about defeating the Clione Queen boss in Dave the Diver. If you want to learn more, then you can check out our guide on how you can defeat the Mantis Shrimp. You can also check out our guide on how you can catch all the fish to complete the Marinca app.