Progression in Dave the Diver can be made easier and more efficient by using upgrades. Charms can also be used to get unique buffs. You can hold two at a time but you are free to swap between them as you please. There are 10 charms in total, allowing you to pick the ones that match your playstyle. In this Dave the Diver guide, we go over all the charms in the game and what they do.


All Charms In Dave The Diver

The following are all the different charms that you can get in Dave and Diver and their effects.

CharmsEffectsHow To Get
Dolphin Necklace+30% dash speedDefeat Pirates mission
Octopus BraceletUse Left Ctrl to dash a short distance. No oxygen is used, but the gauge needs to fill again for the ability to be reused.Strange Coral mission
Sea People BraceletGives you bonus time once your oxygen has been depleted.Beyond the Rock Pile mission
Sea People NecklaceEnables traversal through tubeworm tunnels.Deliver Key to Tenzhin mission
Octopus Charm+15% base gun damage.Octopus Returns mission
Shark Teeth Necklace+15% base harpoon damage.Revenge Time mission
Eco Poison Resist BraceletBuffs poison resistance.Reach level 2 at Bluehole Research & Protection.
Eco Health BraceletReduces amount of damage you take by 10%.Reach level 3 at Bluehole Research & Protection.
Eco Gemstone BraceletReduces the amount of damage you take by 10%.Reach level 4 at Bluehole Research & Protection.
Eco Waterproof Bag+30 kg weight limit.Reach level 5 at Bluehole Research & Protection.

Dolphin Necklace

The Dolphin Necklace charm in Dave the Diver increases dash speed by 30%. Dash is a very useful ability and being able to dash faster is going to be very helpful especially when you need to get away from a challenging enemy. Chances are that you will dive too deep and encounter enemies that you are not able to take on. When that happens, the ability to dash away quickly is going to come in handy. You can get the Dolphin Necklace charm by completing the “Defeat Pirates” mission.

Octopus Bracelet

This charm allows you to use dash without using additional oxygen. The gauge will need to fill up before you can use the ability again. It is still a nice move to have.You can get the Octopus Bracelet by completing the “Strange Coral” mission.

Sea People Bracelet

Your oxygen is going to run out and when it does you will die and lose all your items. It is bound to happen unless you are very careful. This charm allows you to stay alive even when your oxygen tank is empty. It is not going to keep you alive forever but those additional few seconds can save your dive and the loot that you gathered. You can get the charm by completing the “Beyond the Rock Pile” mission.

Dave The Diver Charms

Sea People Necklace

The Sea People Necklace in Dave the Diver allows you to travel through the tubeworm tunnels. Without this charm, you will need to use UV light or attacks to get through the tunnels. You can get the Sea People Necklace charm by completing “Deliver Key to Tenzhin”.

Octopus Charm

The Octopus Charm charm lets you dash without consuming oxygen. You will need to manage your oxygen effectively in order to make the most of each dive. Anything that helps you conserve oxygen is going to be very important. You can get this charm by completing the “Strange Coral” mission.

Shark Teeth Necklace

This charm increases the base damage of your harpoon gun by 15%. Your harpoon is the most useful weapon in the game. You can upgrade it for free by using this charm. To get the charm, you need to complete the “Revenge Time” mission.

Eco Poison Resist Bracelet

This charm will increase your resistance to poison. Status effects can be rather annoying but you can increase your resistance to poison simply by reaching level two at Bluehole Research & Protection.

Eco Health Bracelet

This charm will decrease the amount of damage that you receive. Increasing your survivability is going to be very important as you progress through the game. That is why we recommend getting this charm by reaching level three at Bluehole Research & Protection.

Eco Gemstone Bracelet

The Eco Gemstone Bracelet charm in Dave the Diver increases the amount of minerals that you get from mining. Since minerals are important you want to get as many of them as possible on each dive. You can get this charm by reaching level four at Bluehole Research & Protection.

Eco Waterproof Bag

Managing your weight is very important. Once you exceed your weight limit you will start to move slower. You can increase your weight limit by 30 kg by getting this charm. You can get it by reaching level five at Bluehole Research & Protection.

These are all the charms in Dave the DIver, what they do, and how you can get them. You can also check out our beginner’s guide for some useful tips and tricks. To learn more check out our guide on how you can get the Giant Trevally Fin.