Dave the Diver is a fun and relaxing game that you can spend hours in. You might want to complete the game 100% and experience all that it has to offer while you are at it. In this Dave the Diver guide, we go over all the achievements in the game and how you can platinum it.


Note: The Ration Eater is a secret achievement that you can unlock by picking up the rations in the Sea Blue base. This is potentially missable if you do not pick up the rations. We are not sure if you can head back and pick up the rations.

All Achievements In Dave The Diver

The following are all the achievements in Dave the Diver and how you can unlock them.

AchievementHow To Unlock
Bancho Sushi is Back!Make 100 gold.
Undersea GunslingerCompleted the gun tutorial.
New Undersea FriendCompleted the Dolphin’s request.
Better EquipmentMake first equipment upgrade.
Undersea Civilization!Discovered the under-sea village.
Deep-sea DiverEnter the Deep Sea for the first time.
Culinary ResearcherResearch 5 new dishes.
Culinary MasterEnhance 5 dishes.
Shop’s Lookin’ Good!Buy first interior item.
InfluencerReach Bronze Level in Cooksta.
Scrap Metal CollectorPicked up 100 items.
Angry Shark!Catch a shark.
Dave the SniperCatch 10 fish with a sniper.
Mister MeleeCatch 20 fish with melee weapons.
Saved Dave!Bring Dave back from the brink of death.
A Dark and Cold PlaceDiscovered the Glacier Passage.
Momo’s SecretGot to know Momo a little better. Feed Momo in the Sushi shop 5 cans of cat food to trigger a cutscene.
Achoo!Enter the Glacier Passage.
A Peaceful Blue HoleWatch the ending credits.
Dumplings in the WaterOpen Mima’s restaurant. You can do this by following Mima’s questline.
The Seaweed is Growing!Open Gumo’s seaweed farm. Finish Khanzin’s quests to start Gumo’s.
Feeble BlacksmithOpen Duwa’s workshop. Complete “Reopening the Workshop” and the quest that follows.
Weapon CollectorCollect all blueprints
Arms CraftsmanEnhance gun three times.
Sea People HistorianCaptured all of the Sea People murals.
Predator of the Blue HoleCatch 300 fish.
CatmanFeed cat 20 times.
Blacksmith HelperSell 200 items at the workshop.
Professional FarmerInstall sprinklers in the garden.
GYAO! MasterRaise 5 GYAOs. Complete Stormy Night side mission to unlock GYAO.
PhotographerTake 10 photos at photo spots.
Strange FishCapture 5 FishMon.
My Wonderful Rice Field!Expand rice field to max.
My Wonderful Field!Expand vegetable farm to max.
A Bancho Sushi RegularGet platinum rank in Cooksta.
LeadershipTrain employees to level 20.
Cooksta InfluencerGet diamond rank in Cooksta.
Artisan’s FlameResearch 30 new dishes.
ManagerOpen a Bancho Sushi branch.

All Secret Achievements In Dave The Diver

The following are all the secret achievements in Dave the Diver and how you can unlock them.

Secret AchievementHow To Unlock
Ration EaterEat rations found on third floor of the Sea Blue Base.
Dev KillerWipe-out all the developers. It can be unlocked after completing the game and during the credits.
God of LightningCatch a fish with Mjolnir. Mjolnir has a chance to spawn in Glacial Passage.
Creature HunterDefeat all bosses. Check Marinca app to keep track of all bosses.

These are all the achievements in Dave the Diver, including the secret ones and how you can complete the game 100%. To learn more, check out our guide on increasing your Best Taste Ranking. You can also check out our guide on catching Jellyfish.


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