In Darksiders Genesis, it’s all about maxing out the combat-related stats of your character to progress faster in the game. With the listed upgrades below, you will find it easier to tackle harder boss fights. This includes upgrades for War and Strife in Darksiders Genesis.


Darksiders Genesis Upgrades

Most of these upgrades are purchasable while others need to be unlocked. The nature of the upgrades varies as well since some will allow you to extend your combos while others will boost damage potential. In our Darksiders Genesis Upgrades Guide, we’ll describe how the upgrades work and if applicable, how to acquire them.

Enhancement Chain

The upgrade will help you strengthen your sword enhancement attacks. The utility is that you can end every one of your attacks with an enhancement strike dealing massive damage to the enemy. Later, you can further upgrade the ability to Enhancement Chain II.

Evade Counter

As Strife, if you time your evade or dodge ability precisely, you will summon a clone thanks to this upgrade. The clone’s function is twice-fold as it not only diverts the opponent’s attention but will also partner up with you to push the offense towards the enemy.

Flipsaw II

A ground pound attack that is added to the last aerial strike. When you use this upgrade, you will come crashing down, slamming the ground and creating a shockwave that deals with area-effect damage. The nature of the effect itself will depend on the enhancement you use with your sword.

Potion Health Overflow

A more defensive upgrade, this is a good option for revitalizing your character. With this activated, every time you collect health orbs, a portion of your health potion is recharged. The Potion Health Overflow upgrade can be purchased from the vendor, Vulgrim in the early sections of the game.


A defensive maneuver, it gives you a counter-attack possibility when you parry an attack. Upon a successful parry, the opponent is opened up for a long window so you can decide and deal good damage.

Vessel of the Undying

An automatic potion is granted when your health reaches critically low levels. This is good for restoring your health when you’re near death. To acquire the upgrade, purchase it from the vendor, Vulgrim.

That is all for our Darksiders Genesis Upgrades guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our bosses guide as well.