Darksiders Genesis is out now with many puzzles that are hard to complete. Each chapter in the game places you in the middle of a new puzzle, oftentimes multiple puzzles.  In our Darksiders Genesis puzzle solutions guide, we will discuss every puzzle and its solution. We will divide the puzzle into chapters.

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Darksiders Genesis Puzzle Solutions

In this section of the guide, you will find solutions for all Darksiders Genesis puzzles. The first puzzle we will talk about is the mysterious door you find in the Void Chapter 1.

How to Open the Door in Void Chapter 1?

This is the very first puzzle you come across in Darksiders Genesis. During Chapter 1 you reach the Void, close to the end of the first chapter. To proceed from this location you need to unlock a door.

When you access the Void you will notice a glowing red ball chained to the ground.  Destroy the rock to get access to a new weapon called “Vorpal Blade.” It is a weapon that allows you to attack enemies at a distance.

Enter the main hall in the Void and find the blue button on the wall. Use your newly found weapon to hit and expose the hidden passage. Go ahead and you will find a huge abyss, use your Vorpal Blade to hit the blue button at the bottom to create a gust of wind. Now you need to target your Blade at the fire and then at the lanterns to open a passage.

Trickster Door Puzzle

Trickster Door is a puzzle you need to solve to reach one of the bosses in Darksiders Genesis. The passage is at the end of chapter 2. To fight the boss you must reach The Slag Heap area on the map. To reach the boss you must visit three different locations and take down some enemies. Jump on one of the platforms in The Slag Heap. Each platform will take you to a different location where you must defeat your opponents.

During your fight, you will come across exploding walls as well. Use the fire to light your Vorpal Blade and aim it at the wall to make them explode. This will help you activate all platform signs. Once that’s done you can return to the arena where Slug Demon is waiting for you.

How to Enter Chapter 3 Dungeon?

At a certain point in Darksiders Genesis, you will have to enter a dungeon to continue the story. The entrance to the dungeon can be spotted is in The Furnace. You will spot a level on the left column. Interacting with the level will open up a passage that you can use to reach the upper floor. You should quickly jump off the lever and on to the opened wall section. Hurry because spikes will come out and kill you. You will find the dungeon passage on the upper floor. Getting to this area is easier if you playing with a friend. There are two levers you need to activate, your partner can do the other one but if you are playing alone use the bomb growths to trigger the other lever.

How to Enter Chapter 4 Dungeon?

You need to light four bonfires to enter the dungeon in this area. Go to the right side of this location where you must fight a few enemies guarding the fire. Take them down and mark three bonfires, one will be to the right of your screen hanging over the abyss and the rest is to your left and front. Hit all three objects with your Vorpal Blade but hit the lit one first, it is hanging in the air. Once these three are lit the main bonfire will lit itself.

Now go to the left side of the main puzzle area where the bonfires are, mark the two bonfires there and the main bonfire will lit itself. Light the final bonfire to enter the dungeon.

Chapter 4 Void Bombs

You need to use the Void Bombs to get out of this location and continue the story.  In Chapter 4 you will come across a red sparking object chained to the ground. Use your weapon and destroy the object and you get the Void Bomb. The bomb allows you to create portals that essentially act as fast travel points. However, this Void Bomb can also be used to solve puzzles.

The first thing you need to do is throw the Void Bomb at the first point that opens the portal. Now use the next bomb beyond the abyss to create a new portal that will take you to the other side. Now open another portal near the big column. After you have the portals opened take the Bomb Growths from the bonfire and head to the portal below.

Throw the Bomb Growths into the portals and it should hit the column. Move on the column to get to the next location.

Passage to the Void Chapter 4

After you kill Molten Hound get on top of the column on the left side of the arena. Throw the Void Bomb on the glowing circle to open the first portal. Now head down and to the other side and open another portal.

Now go back upstairs and throw the Bomb Growths into the portal so it will come out of the other side and hit the spot.

Chapter 6 Gate

In this chapter, you reach a gate with various glowing red and blue signs.  Take a look at the symbols in this location. Whatever is red, throw the Vorpal Blade at it. If all are blue, throw the blade at the one immediately right of the door and another one at the left most of the door. This will open the door and there is a small lever that needs a Bomb Growth to open another gate.

Chapter 8 Poisonous Water

In Chapter 8 you will need to turn all the valves in order to drain the poisonous water. The first one is located behind the poisonous waterfall. There are huge pipes behind it that will allow you to find it easily.

The second valve can be found near the upper part of the waterfall. A small stone shelf that has a Summoning Stone is located behind the poison water pipes. Go there and jump down to proceed. Grab the points at the bottom and you should be able to move to the next location.

Your character might die in the process but you need not worry as he will respawn on the other side. This is where you can turn the third valve. The fourth valve is located behind a wall. You need to destroy it in order to get to it.

You can place bombs on the wall and light them up with a nearby bonfire in order to destroy the wall and gain access to the valve. That is all that you need to do in order to drain the poisonous water.

Arther Spark Chapter 11

You get the Aether spark in chapter 11 of Darksiders Genesis. In order to use the spark and solve the puzzle, you need to stand in the right spot. The sphere you create can only move around in a certain area. It cannot touch the blue lines. The sphere accelerates relative to the distance traveled and cannot be stopped.

What you need to do is get the sphere to a point similar to a pendulum clock. Move forward and you will reach the next puzzle. It is similar to the previous one and the end goal is the same. The point is on the right. To get to it, you need to move according to the lines that are creating the path. The third point is exactly on the other side of the mountain from where you stand. If you want the sphere to get there then you should use the longer path that stretches along the edges. Doing so will help you avoid sudden turns.

Break the Wall Chapter 14

In Darksiders Genesis Chapter 14 you will reach a place where you cannot proceed any further. The path is blocked by a wall that is destroyed. You need to blow it up in order to go any further. The bomb growths are located behind the two platforms. To get to it, you need to jump on both of the platforms and jump onto the stable shelf.

There are two ways in which you can use the bombs. You can wait until the road is clear and then throw the bomb. on the wall. You can also throw the bomb on the edge of the rocks on the platform. You can then jump on the platform, pull the bomb and throw it onto the wall.

All you need to do is place the bomb on the wall and set it on fire to clear the path.

Bonus Chest Chapter 14

There is a bonus chest in chapter 14 that you can get. In order to reach it, you need to solve a puzzle. You need to reach the platform that is moving on the map. As you move along, you will notice a shelf. A column with a blue button is next to it. You need to jump on it and defeat the enemies that you encounter on the way.

Activate the blue button and move to the lower section in order to activate the first part of the door. When you go to the ride side, you will find two points where you can open portals. Open the portal and jump into one of them to make your character jump higher. You will not be able to move your character now.

When you get to the desired height, hit the button on the right side of the wall. This will open the passage. Inside the chest, you will find the Outlaw’s Abyssal Armor Shard. You will need this to complete the Abyssal Armor.

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