Darksiders Genesis has many mechanics and systems that play into the depth of its gameplay. One such system is the use of Creature Cores. In our guide below, you will figure out how to acquire Creature Cores, upgrade them and what is it exactly that they do in Darksiders Genesis.

Darksiders Genesis Creature Cores

Creature Cores are special fragments of the souls of enemies you eliminate that can help you boost your stats. This works by closely analyzing an investing your cores in the Creature Core tree. The network can hold up to 30 purple Minor Creature Core slots and 8 orange Major Creature Core slots.

The former is acquired from your run-of-the-mill standard enemies. For the Major Cores, you will be required to defeat bosses and mini-bosses to get the reward. Once you’ve obtained a Creature Core, you are granted associated perks or bonuses.

These bonuses are related to restoration (healing) abilities, damage output and Wrath associated with heart, sword and swirl icons respectively.

Understanding the Creature Core tree

Creature Cores in Darksiders Genesis can be stacked up to 3 times, incrementing the bonuses of the effect each time. This can also be done by defeating the same enemy multiple times to get the same Creature Core which you can then stack up.

You should make sure that you put the Cores in the appropriate slots. What this means is that you can only reap benefits of a level 3 core if you put it in a level 3 socket.

Effects of Creature Cores

Below, you may find the descriptions of each of the Creature Cores found so far in the game. The effects range from being active to passive and may be of an offense or defense orientated nature. We will continue to update the table with more Creature Cores as we come across them.

Minor Creature Cores

Creature Core Effect
Armored Flea Attack power increase.
Fallen Hound Attack power increase.
Molten Hound Stoneskin deals damage in an area, Caltrops suck enemies into the bombs. Drops two bonus Caltrops at level three.
Void Magus Grants bonus souls but also reduces War and Strife’s health (health loss removed at level three).
Gholen Increases max health, attack, and Wrath power
Stringer Stoneskin returns damage to attacks, Caltrops drop health orbs.


Slag Flea Fleamag explosions have a chance not to disrupt players (reduces explosion damage at level three).
Legion Shadow Clone taunts enemies, Blade Geyser grants war bonus attack damage for a few seconds.
Skeletal Soldier Wrath orbs drop more frequently.
Skeletal Archer Killing enemies boosts movement speed.
Legion Champion Wrath power increase
Trauma Rampage creates a blast when it hits an enemy, World Ender is wider.
Shadow Caster Reviving a player heals the living player as well.
Wraith Wrath power increases.
Hellhound Small chance on an attack to spawn an allied Hellhound to attack enemies.
Ghoul Gain more Souls from enemies and chests, but reduces Wrath power (Wrath power loss removed at level three).
Legon Bomber Increases Hotstreak build up speed for Strife, reduces War’s damage taken.
Demonic Magus Ammo drop rate increase.
Borrower War’s Synergy attack heals both Horsemen, Stife’s Synergy attack gains increased damage.
Suffering War gains bonus damage resistance after his Synergy attack, Strife gains increased run speed after his Synergy attack.
Phantom Guard Shadow Clone’s bullets ricochet, Blade Geyser’s radius increases.
Duskwing Max health increase.
Broodling Health orb drop rate increase.

Major Creature Cores

Creature Core Effect
Legion Boltspitter Max health increase.
Slag Demon Chance to leave behind a lava trail after a dash.
Hollow Fiend Attack power increase.
Ashworm Attack power and Wrath power increase.
Jailer Killing an enemy boosts attack power for a few seconds.
Dreadwalker War can block more damage, Strife gains bonus attack and Wrath power.


Construct Champion War refills a Wrath pip after his Synergy attack, Strife fills 25% of his Hotstreak meter after his Synergy attack
Mammon More health and Wrath orbs, Souls, and ammo drops.
The Houndmaster Wrath power increases.
Angelic Beast Evade and parry window increase.
Tormented Gate Attack power increase.

That is all for our Darksiders Genesis Creature Cores guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our bosses guide as well.

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