Darksiders Genesis is out now and if you have played previous DS games then this one is a bit different. In this Darksiders Genesis arenas guide, we are going to go over how you can unlock arenas and what you can do with arena points.


Darksiders Genesis Arenas

Arenas are the side activities that you can do in Darksiders Genesis. There are a couple of them in the game and they are worth checking out. In the Arena, you can fight enemies and gain cores. This helps in character development and the overall progression of the game.

How To Unlock Arenas

In order to unlock these side activities, you need to finish the 6th chapter. You unlock arenas once you have killed Mammon. Once you do that, you will gain access to three arenas. You do need to take part in a few battles in the arena if you want to progress the story.

Other than the few battles that are part of the story, the fights are optional but it is worth sticking around and going to each arena to gain cores and develop your characters. The arena has 10 waves. 9 waves have normal enemies while the last one has a boss that you need to take down.

During the battles, you will regenerate chaos and anarchy but it is best that you save these for the final boss fights. There are 20 arenas in total in which you can fight and obtain cores by increasing your score. You can unlock more arenas by progressing through the main story.

Is It Worth Fighting In The Arenas?

Spending time in the arena gets you points and allows you to gain cores. The points can be used to buy things at the shop. The cores allow you to develop your character. Arena points can get you souls, coins, cores and upgrades for War and Strife.

That is all for our Darksiders Genesis arenas guide.