Welcome to our guide on the infamous boss fight with Pontiff Sulyvahn in Dark Souls 3. As one of the mandatory bosses in the game, defeating Sulyvahn is crucial to advancing through the eerie world of Irythyll of the Boreal Valley. Notoriously challenging and feared by many players, Sulyvahn is a powerful and relentless opponent that will require your utmost focus and skill to overcome.


However, the rewards for defeating him are well worth the effort – not only will you progress in the game, but you’ll also be rewarded with Souls and valuable weapons or armor. In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know to come out victorious in your battle against Pontiff Sulyvahn.

Pontiff Sulyvahn Location

Pontiff will appear in the Irythyll of the Boreal Valley.

How to Beat Pontiff Sulyvahn in Dark Souls 3

Pontiff Sulyvahn’s boss fight has two phases and although most of his attacks remain the same, the fight is quite challenging. Here’s what you need to know:

Pontiff Sulyvahn Phase #1

Pontiff Sulyvahn is a formidable opponent whose attack timings are both fast and difficult to avoid. His ranged attacks are particularly reliable, meaning that playing defensively is not a viable strategy. With a high damage output, this boss fight is never a guaranteed win, even with opportunities to heal.

Your best bet is to stay as close to him as possible, as he will either cast spells or charge at you if you try to retreat. Dodging his sweeping attacks requires precise timing rather than positioning, as mistimed rolls can result in taking damage regardless of your direction. To succeed, you must focus on raw offense and relentlessly attack him to whittle down his health quickly.

Although the transition from Phase I to Phase II can be challenging, the Pontiff’s relatively low health for a boss means that sustained aggression is the key to victory.

Pontiff Sulyvanh Phase #2

When the boss starts transitioning to a new phase, seize the opportunity to land some free shots by closing in on him. Even if it depletes your Stamina, don’t back off, as every hit counts in the tough second stage. During this phase, Pontiff Sulyvahn will attempt to summon a dark spirit to assist him, signaled by his stillness and spell-casting animation.

Rush him and attack until your Stamina is drained, as defeating the spirit before it’s ready to attack is crucial to avoid dealing with two Pontiffs at once.

Keeping the boss within close range is essential to prevent him from successfully summoning. While perfecting the fight is challenging, perseverance and frequent healing are key to success. Additionally, focus on improving your Magic and Fire Resistance to better withstand the boss’s attacks

How to Cheese Pontiff Sulyvahn

To cheese Pontiff Sulyvahn you need to get him stuck in either the left or right corner. As soon as you enter the mist door, clear the environment a little to create a clear path for Pontiff Sulyvahn. Stand in a specific spot just a little bit to the left of a lip on the doorway to lure Pontiff Sulyvahn and keep him stuck.

Use pestilent mist to attack him and watch his health go down. Keep a melee weapon as a backup since Pontiff Sulyvahn can sometimes get around the corner, especially in the second phase. Watch for when he falls down and his flaming sword hits the ground, which indicates the start of the second phase.

Step out around the corner when he does his explosion thing going into phase two since he always side or back steps afterward and gets himself unstuck on the lip. Try to get him and his clone both stuck there at once so you can dispatch the clone quickly if it gets around. Keep using pestilent mist until he’s dead and done. It may take a little bit of practice to lure him and his clone back into the safe spot.

That’s everything we have on how to cheese Pontiff in Dark Souls 3. We have other cheese guides you might want to look at as well including Old Demon King, Crystal Mage, and High Lord Wolnir.