The bosses in Dark Souls 3 provide a real test of your skills, and among them, the Old Demon King is one of the most challenging. While the majority of the bosses are essential to the main story and must be defeated to progress, there are also many side bosses like the Old Demon King, that can be fought at any time.


These bosses offer equally challenging and rewarding encounters that can provide valuable loot and experience. This guide focuses on the Old Demon King, a formidable demon that resides deep within the ruins of Izalith.

We’ll equip you with all the necessary information to successfully defeat this foe, including tips on how to evade his lethal attacks and strategies for inflicting damage.

Old Demon King Location

The Old Demon King can be found in the Catacombs of Carthus.

How to Beat Old Demon King in Dark Souls 3

The Old Demon King boss fight has two phases, and our guide is divided into his two traditional phases, and how to cheese Old Demon King.

Old Demon King Phase #1

The Old Demon King, a fire-based enemy, poses a significant threat that requires you to boost your Physical and Fire Resistance before the battle. Since this boss employs burning attacks and heavy swings, it’s advisable to use a two-handed weapon as shields are not typically effective.

It’s crucial to avoid the creature’s mouth as that’s where the fire attacks generate. When the boss starts to rear back for a breath attack, it’s best to roll under it or move to its side to evade the attack. Additionally, you can bait out the Old Demon King’s slower spells and breath weapons by stepping back and then dodging in for some quick hits.

The slow movements of the demon make it easier to land hits. Its tail is a vulnerable spot that you can target by maneuvering to its rear, but be sure to conserve some Stamina for rolling away when the demon turns. Mobility is essential in this battle, and dodging multiple times can help you avoid a considerable amount of damage.

To improve your survival odds, keep your Equip Load as low as possible. In this encounter, speed is more beneficial than raw armor.

Old Demon King Phase #2

During the second half of the battle, the Old Demon King unleashes a barrage of pyromancy spells with legendary power and fury that explode all around you. Although the damage is manageable, you must frequently dodge and heal, as it’s challenging to avoid getting hit entirely. It’s crucial to be cautious of the circle of fire that expands and contracts around the boss periodically. Dodging with the circle’s movement instead of moving through it can easily lead to your demise.

The earlier part of the battle that involved careful fighting and good combos, gives way to a frantic damage exchange between you and the boss. Trade blows whenever possible to take down the boss before your supplies are exhausted. However, it’s still essential to target the tail, which remains a vulnerable spot. Under no circumstances should you remain in front of the boss.

After defeating the Old Demon King, light its Bonfire to mark your progress.

How to Cheese Old Demon King

To cheese Old Demon King, run around any of the two corpse piles in the battle arena while leaving clouds of Poison or Pestilent Mist behind you. Keep baiting the Old Demon King into following you and leaving the poison clouds. Run around and repeat the process until the Old Demon King is dead.

That’s everything you need to know on how to cheese Old Demon King. You can also see our tips on cheesing other Dark Souls 3 bosses, including Crystal Sage, High Lord Wolnir, and Abyss Watchers.