As you venture through Dark Souls 3’s unique and treacherous areas, you’ll encounter a variety of bosses such as Abyss Watchers, Curse-rotted Greatwood, and Dancer of the Boreal Valley that will push your skills to the limit. The High Lord Wolnir is just one of many unforgettable bosses you’ll have to face in your journey.

It’s worth noting that while some bosses in Dark Souls 3 are traditional, others are what players call Gimmick Bosses. These bosses require a unique approach, as you must use a specific mechanic tailored to the encounter.

The High Lord Wolnir is one such boss, and you’ll need to find his weakness while navigating his deadly fog to defeat him.

High Lord Wolnir Location

The Catacombs of Carthus is home to High Lord Wolnir. A cutscene will play upon interacting with a cup, and you will be transported to the boss’s arena. The arena is shrouded in darkness, and an illuminated item is situated in the middle. Interact with it; the boss will wake up, and the fight will commence. It is possible to retrieve the Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome by collecting the item before engaging in the battle.

How to Beat High Lord Wolnir in Dark Souls 3

In order to emerge victorious in this battle, it is necessary to shatter the bracelets on Wolnir’s bony arms, which radiate a brilliant golden glow, making them an obvious target. Although Wolnir can launch direct arm strikes, the real danger lies in the lethal cloud that envelopes his vicinity, which can inflict significant damage to anyone who lingers too close to his body. To avoid being caught in the death cloud, it is crucial to move away from Wolnir and heal before rejoining the fray.

If necessary, multiple healing flasks can be used to endure the cloud’s harmful effects, but it is preferable to wait until Wolnir brings his arms near before launching an attack.

During the battle, skeletons may appear, but they pose a minor threat compared to the boss. Once all three bracelets have been shattered, the battle is won, and a Bonfire is unlocked, providing access to Irithyll. It is up to the player to decide whether to proceed towards Irithyll or to cut the bridge and explore further into the region.

How to Cheese High Lord Wolnir

Use Pestilent Mist Around the Rings

To cheese High Lord Wolnir, keep throwing a pestilent mist cloud at the edge of his arm whenever you get the chance. Run away and avoid his attacks while the mist eats away at his health.

Repeat the process as needed throughout the battle. You can throw the mist at him before awakening him if it’s your first time encountering him. You can also throw the mist at his skull for an even more non-confrontational approach.

Note: If you don’t have pestilent mist, after presenting the Sage’s Scroll to Orbeck of Vinheim, it is possible to purchase it from him for 1,000 Souls.

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