The Crystal Sage in Dark Souls 3 is a tricky boss that can be quite challenging to defeat. This sorcerer has the power to clone itself, making it hard to tell which one is the real boss. Additionally, where the fight takes place can be confusing, with plenty of hazards to avoid.

However, with the right strategy and approach, it’s possible to emerge victorious. In this guide, we’ll provide tips and techniques to help defeat the Crystal Sage and claim the rewards that await.

Crystal Sage Location

To locate the Crystal Sage in Dark Souls 3, head to the Crucifixion Woods. From there, make your way to the left of the swamp and enter a dilapidated building. Once inside, fight your way past a group of enemies and climb up several flights of stairs. You’ll know you’re in the right area when you reach a large open space without a fog wall. If you need more guidance, you can refer to the map provided here for assistance.

Crystal Sage Weaknesses

  • Physical Damage
  • Fire
  • Lightning

How to Beat Crystal Sage in Dark Souls 3

Crystal Sage boss fight has two phases you need to complete:

  • Crystal Sage Phase #1
  • Crystal Sage Phase #2

Crystal Sage Phase #1

At the start of the fight, the Crystal Sage will use several long-range spells to attack you. Although these spells can track your movements, you can effectively dodge them by skillfully maneuvering around them.

To close the distance, sprint forward and only dodge when absolutely necessary. Once you’re close enough, take a few steps to regenerate your Stamina and prepare for a powerful combo attack. If your weapon is well-upgraded, you can deal significant damage to the boss with just one combo.

However, if you haven’t focused on building up your damage output, don’t worry. You can still land several attacks on the boss and then retreat to one of the nearby stone pillars to regenerate your Stamina and remain relatively safe. Once your Stamina is replenished, charge back in to finish the first phase of the fight.

Crustal Sage Phase #2

In the second half of the battle, the Crystal Sage becomes more cunning and challenging to defeat. The boss disappears and tosses crystals around the arena, making it crucial to stay vigilant and agile.

When the mage reappears, there will be multiple clones of it in various locations. Most of these images are phony, but they can still cast spells, so you need to be careful. A simple method to determine the real one is to hit each image once to see if it takes damage. If it does, then that’s the one you need to target and defeat. If it doesn’t, then the image vanishes, and you can move on to the next one.

However, a faster way to identify the real boss is by observing the color of the spells they cast. The fake Sages only use blue spells, while the real Crystal Sage casts purple spells, making it easier to detect which one is the real one. Follow the spells back to their origin and attack the real boss promptly.

It’s essential to act quickly and not waste time on false targets. Do not attempt to finesse the battle, as it can make it even more challenging. Instead, be aggressive and swiftly attack each target. It’s much safer to eliminate the fake sages, as their spells can cause significant damage. If you’re struggling, take the extra time to eliminate all the fake targets before attacking the real Crystal Sage.

How to Cheese Crystal Sage

The Crystal Sage boss in Dark Souls 3 can be defeated using poison. We recommend using Poison Mist or the Storyteller’s Staff for our cheese strategy. Either stand in one spot and throw poison or run to a safe location and throw poison.

Stay behind this pillar in phase #1
Go up the ramp in Phase #2 to hide behind the rock.

During phase #2, use the Fireball or melee attacks to quickly take out the fake sages and poison the Crystal Sage once more. During the second phase, it is best to climb up the ramp on the side of the battle arena, and hiding behind the rock. Once there, simply wait for the Crystal Mage to die of poisoning.

That’s all we have on how to beat/cheese Crystal Sage. We also recommended giving a read to our Curse-rotted Greatwood and Dancer of the Boreal Valley Boss Fight guides.

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