Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Wulfgar Feats Guide

D&D Dark Alliance Wulfgar Feats Guide

Each character in D&D Dark Alliance has unique feats which are skills and talents that impact gameplay and what makes each of the characters unique. This Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance guide will help players will all of Wulfgar Feats and their effects.

D&D Dark Alliance Wulfgar Feats

Like the other playable characters in D&D Dark Alliance, Wulfgar has three different feat trees Pack Hunter, The Wolf, and The Elk. Pack Hunter is a support tree and the feats in this tree are the same for all the other characters. However, Feats in the Wolf, and The Elk trees are unique that impact offense and defense. The following are all of the Wulfgar Feats in Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance.

Pack Hunter Support Feats

The feats in this support tree impact stamina, health, endurance, gold drop, and more. The following are the feats that players can unlock in the Pack Hunter tree for Wulfgar.

  • Healer – Increases HP when getting raised to 100%
  • Athletic – 15% Stamina Cost Reduction from Evades and Dodges
  • Endurance – 10% Max Stamina Bonus
  • Keen Mind – 15% Cooldown Reduction
  • Scavenger – Increase Useables drops by 1
  • Lucky – 7% Gold drop Bonus
  • Persuasive – 10% Reduction in Merchant prices in the Kelvin’s Cairn
  • Pack Rat – Increase Useables capacity by 1

The Wolf Offense Feats

The following are the offensive feats for Wulfgar that increase damage output, life steal, and more.

  • Great Weapon Master – 5% Physical Damage Bonus
  • Charger – 10% Physical Damage Bonus for 3 seconds after Sprinting
  • Brutal Strike – +15% Armor Penetration
  • Savage Attacker – +15% Stamina Damage Bonus
  • Fury of Tempus – 3% Lifesteal on all damage inflicted
  • Reckless Abandon – 25% Physical Damage Bonus during Ultimate
  • Relentless Rage – 20% Rage Duration Bonus

The Elk Defense Feats

The following are the feats for Wulfgar that increase damage absorption, elemental resistance, and more.

  • Tough – 10% Max HP Bonus
  • Medium Armor Master – 10% Armor Bonus
  • Danger Sense – 10% Armor Bonus
  • Resilient – 15% Elemental Resistance Bonus
  • Hardy – 15% Max HP Bonus
  • Blessings of Tempu – Converts 150% of Strength into Elemental Resistance

That is all for our Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Wulfgar Feats Guide with tips on all feat tress and their effects. For more on the game, also see Abilities Guide and Drizzt Feats Guide.

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