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Daemon X Machina: Tips And Tricks For Beginners


If you are new to Daemon X Machina then there are a couple of things that the game does not tell you. Here are some Daemon X Machina tips and tricks for beginners to get you started.

Daemon X Machina Tips And Tricks

The following are some Daemon X Machina tips and tricks that you should know about:

Always Loot Downed Arsenals

you should always search every single enemy Arsenal that you shoot down, as each one can give you a valuable new weapon or piece of armor. Downed enemy Arsenals appear on your map as a red triangle icon with an exclamation point. This is the primary way to gain new weapons and expand your arsenal.

Femto Abilities

In the world of Daemon X Machina, a powerful particle called Femto gives your Arsenal special abilities. The first of these is Femto Armaments, which let you increase certain parameters of your Arsenal. Assault wraps the Femto around your arms and increases weapon damage, Wing creates Femto wings and boosts you movement and boost speed, and Shield creates a Femto shield that blocks damage. Use these abilities to adapt as the situation calls for it.

Watch For When the Enemy Runs Out of Stamina

Enemies will run out of Stamina after boosting around just like you would. When an enemy runs out of Stamina you’ll see an “STM Empty” warning appear above them. As soon as you see that charge right in and do as much damage as possible.

Daemon X Machina tips

You Can Develop More Powerful Weapons and Armor at the Console

the Factory is your way of developing higher-level weapons and armor while searching enemies is the way of getting the base equipment you need. In order to develop something, you need a specific weapon or piece of armor to serve as a base, as well as money.

Take on Free Missions and Make Money

Completing Free Missions will net you more money to spend, as well as the potential to gain new weapons by defeating Arsenals. They also give you a variation in experience by making you play unique missions.  The rewards are always worth it and the missions are challenging aswell.

Keep your distance to maximize damage

In battle, your distance to a target is located underneath its name as you target it, therefore you should see a clear and dramatic difference in battle damage when attacking from the optimal range. The optimal range describes the ideal distance from your target you’ll be for maximum damage.

You need to finish the campaign to replay story missions

You’ll find story missions have secret optional objectives that remain a mystery until you incidentally complete them. These are mostly completed after you complete the main story and then come back and play these missions again.

Yellow barriers bring danger, and red barriers bring death

Each mission is confined to a specific area on the map. You’ll know you’re close to the edge when you start seeing barriers. The first barrier you’ll see is a yellow one, triggering an area warning.  Staying outside for too long (20 seconds) will result in your imminent death. These barriers are also seen on the mini-map.

Daemon X Machina tips

There are two ways to grow your Arsenal parts collection

The first way to accumulate parts is to loot items off the battlefield. The second way is to develop these parts in your factory. It will require you to spend credits and also will need a specific existing part. You are free to develop multiple items in parallel. However, they take one mission to complete.

You can fully customize your HUD

Each individual component of the HUD can be moved, resized, or outright deleted.

At least one mission can be completed in multiple ways

One path during a mission may offer you a long cut scene, providing a ton of story information, while the other path will try to lead you to a brutal fight against three Arsenals, skipping over the story.

When all else fails, read the manual

There’s a whole wealth of information in there that Daemon X Machina doesn’t come out and directly tell you. So if you are ever stumped about anything in-game, always read the manual. You may just learn something new.

Custom Loadouts

Before you start any mission you need to choose a loadout, this includes a variety of different weapons that can be equipped for each of your Mechs arms. So you should always go to the hangar and switch out weapons and you should always choose the weapons that fit your play style. Be sure to store some pylons as well as these help in changing equipment should you run out of ammo.

Keep an Eye on Your Bullets

Normally when you run out of bullets in a clip, the Mech will automatically reload your weapon. However, you should make it a habit of manually reloading before going to any new area. Ideally, you would want to hide behind a cover while your Mech reloads your weapons as you are also vulnerable during the process.

Save the Game

As with every other game, autosave is a feature that is included. After every major event, the game will autosave your progress. However, you should always make a habit of saving the game manually. To do this you must be at your main HQ. Unless you are out on a mission then you will be unable to save the game manually.

That is all for our Daemon X Machina tips and tricks guide. If you are interested in knowing more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can get the HAW-X-BL99 Dainsleif. You can also check out our builds guide.

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