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Daemon X Machina Nightmare Boss and Blueprints Guide


Nightmare is the second colossal immortal that you come upon in Daemon X Machina. This guide will help you understand this boss’s attacks and the ways to counter them along with information about the blueprints that come along after defeating him.

Now Nightmare’s main and not to mention major issues are his enormous size and the swiftness of his moves. A disadvantage you will be dealing with while facing him initially you won’t be able to inflict upon him any serious level of damage.

Daemon X Machina Nightmare Boss and Blueprints

His first attack is quite simple. He just attacks you with small-sized rockets and guns. His next attack consists of dropping a crate which will release several other immortals. Your best strategy to deal with them should be focusing down on them and destroying them as quickly as possible. They would not be dropping any parts for your arsenal though. Do remember that Ammo is quite critical in this fight in the beginning.

His third attack is a jet-propelled charge. He will turn abruptly towards his targeted enemy and will fly towards it extremely high speed. The best thing to deal with this is to move out of its way.

The attacks that are going to be mentioned now is one of Nightmare’s most dangerous attack. It happens quite often at the beginning of the fight but later he does not perform it that often. Now he charges a Femto attack and flies straight up into the air. Then he opens up his hangar bay and releases a large number of lasers. These lasers are easy to avoid if you are adept at avoiding them but if they hit you they can deal with heavy damage.

Once enough damage has been done to Nightmare, Four will comment that an immortal fractal has been detected. Essentially at this point Nightmare is going to charge more often and more quickly and inflicts greater damage.  Around this time on his jet engines, the energy cores will start to emerge. These are his weak points in this fight. If you gun them down you can take him out pretty easily.

There are two cores on each engine. It does not seem to make much difference in his movements even when you take out the engines.  However, when you do damage to both of them on one wing it tends to stutter him and he cannot move for a while. This is the best time to open all your firepower on him. Although destroying the cores does not bring a huge amount of difference to his health and just stuns for him a bit it does, in the end, makes him easier to defeat.

Combat Strategy

Early on in the fight, it is best to shoot him down as much as possible with your medium to long-range weapons. Having a sniper rifle on your pylons would be preferable for Nightmare’s flight attacks. Ammo is key in the fight in the beginning because you are not going to have the damage output or the accessories or the parts to optimize your damage. So you should instead be focusing on single parts of him like his one wing or engine and just blast it down repeatedly. It will be causing him to stun damage. It is advised not to use melee weapons on him though as it makes the fight much more tedious.

if you are finding that you are overwhelmed by the little AI or robots flying around, you can destroy the containers he drops before they hit the ground. But sometimes its best to wait till the robots come out of the containers and then to destroy them because you can attain Ammo from them.

The Nightmare has two alternate maps for his fight. There is an Alpha Nightmare who is slightly but not vastly different from the basic one. He has all the same moves and fighting styles but just has more HP and deals more damage. However, the map you get to battle him is a major difference. In this one, you have to fight him over an ocean which is the main danger. Plenty of times an Arsenal would get rushed by him and be knocked straight into the water.

When going through this fight you need to be aware of high you are in the air. It is best to try and engage him over the il rigs or you can also attempt to stay above him. In other maps, it is pretty difficult to stay above him because of the height limit of the area, but in the ocean maps, you find that you have a greater height than you can fly to. So staying high up is the most effective way to avoid getting shot down in this fight.


The first blueprint you get for Nightmare is from his original form, called the OEW-31 Down Storm. It is basically a booster for your auxiliary parts. It mainly helps you to go downwards really quickly. When applied it is quite effective against Nightmare, especially during the times when you lose control during a fight. It allows you to control your altitude when this happens.

It might also have some practical uses in PVP later on when the arena comes in as it will allow you to move in a way that is contrary to how you normally would. So if the enemy is focusing on you with a heat-seeking weapon you might be able to go straight down to avoid them. Or it can help you get out of the way of a beam speedily.

The next blueprint that you get is the OAW-OB33 Hermes. This is a forward booster. It is a lot faster than the booster that you normally use. They are very useful in battles where you have to chase stuff down. It is quite effective in the fights with Snatcher and Bolt because they are quite quick and you can catch up with them more easily.

Its usability in PVP, later on, would not be that high though because being a forward booster you can only go into that direction. So if you use it too long you will crash into walls and other objects around the map.  So it is best to use it in really short bursts to catch up on something that is out of your range or only in wide-open spaces with bigger targets to focus upon. It is also handy for a quick getaway from an enemy’s range however being a one direction booster it is pretty predictable and so your foe would be able to counter it with snipers or other weapons.

The last attachment you get is the OAW-LC32 Deadly Drive. It is the best of the blueprints you get from Nightmare. It is basically a handheld laser mounted on your shoulder and deals massive amounts of damage. It is most appropriate to use in point-blank close range. Its spread of lasers is really effective at close range. It is an extremely damaging weapon to use against the colossal as they are such enormous targets that won’t be missing any hits.

Certain immortals like Bolt who has Electric Cannon Range Attack make it difficult to use this arm against them but against Nightmare, Rebellion, Gunfort, Dominator and even Eclipse it is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. It is not a very good choice though when you have smaller targets to fight. Although it does cost them high damage and wipe them out quickly you need to be extremely accurate when using it. This is the tricky part as the lasers are not very accurate and tend to trail off in different directions on their own accord. So it’s just wiser to use it when you need to defeat bigger foes rather than smaller ones

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