Daemon X Machina GunFort Boss And Blueprints Guide

Daemon X Machina GunFort

Gunfort is the first colossal Immortal you come up again and is basically the first boss in Daemon X Machina. It has a few known weaknesses that we are going to discuss here and now. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can beat the Gunfort boss in Daemon X Machina.

How To Beat Gunfort Boss In Daemon X Machina

The following is what you need to know about taking on Gunfort in Daemon X Machina:

First Weakness

If you notice on its underbelly, you will see that there are glowing red power cells.  When you damage these you will deal massive damage to it. Due to your high maneuverability, you can zip around it and continue to deal damage. This is by far the easiest way to deal with this boss as it really can’t do pretty much anything to you once you’re directly underneath him.

Second Weakness

Each leg has armor, which you can shoot off to reveal the same red power cells as in the first weakness. Shoot these cells to deal damage.

Daemon X Machina GunFort


GunFort comes into the battlefield with many different attack sets that it can use. The main problematic one will be the one in which he lobs himself into the air and come back down. If you can make sure that you aren’t standing right at his landing spot then you’ll be safe. Otherwise, you’ll take extensive damage.

The next attack that it can use is a simple charge attack. Where it simply charges head on towards your direction. Dodging this is crucial as you’ll take a massive amount of damage if you get hit by it.

Another attack it can use is the spinning attack. It will basically just spin around in one place and as long as you keep your distance from his legs, you’ll be fine.

Finally, the last attack that many players find annoying, is the blast attack. Basically the GunFort charges some sort of energy and then releases it. It deals minor damage, however, be sure to not be too far off from the arena. This attack will push you out of the arena where you will hit the yellow barrier and then further than that the red barrier. The yellow barrier gives you time to get back into the arena however the red one kills you instantly.

GunFort Alpha

Alpha GunFort is almost identical to the normal one except it has a massive cannon on its back. This cannon charges up a high damaging beam. If you see it pointing at you and charging up, now would be a good time to dodge it. It usually fires 3 shots per charge, once it finishes firing the energy cells are free to be targeted again. Once you destroy all the power cells the main cannon will go offline and will no longer pose a threat. Other than this it has more HP and armor.

Daemon X Machina GunFort

GunFort Beta

Unlike the GunFort Alpha, the Beta has a massive missile launcher on its back.  Normally these missiles are to watch out for, however, if you are up and close to the boss and simply hammering away at his weak points then these missiles won’t even touch you (at least that’s what happened with me).

Other than this, following the same strategy as the original basic GunFort will be enough to take it down. One word of caution though, Beta has a charge attack that it likes to use very much, if you target the missile launcher while it fires the charge cannon, you will take a large chunk of damage.


GunFort Regular will give you OAW-P14 Achilles. This is a pretty good item to boost your defenses. It gives you a big shield, which will allow you to tank more damage.

GunFort Alpha will give you OAW-R51 Vanish Loa. This is a laser cannon. This cannon works similar to the original one that the GunFort houses. It charges up and unleashes a damaging beam that pretty much eliminates most threats in one charge.

Gunfort Beta gives you the OAW-AM13 Icarus. This is a mounted missile launcher. While it has a lot of ammo to carry around, it lacks the satisfaction of a good missile launcher. The projectiles are slow and the firing mechanism feels clunky.

That is all for our Daemon X Machina GunFort boss guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Daemon X Machina guides hub to learn about other boss fights and more.

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