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Daemon X Machina Bolt Omega And Blueprint Guide


This guide will be giving you details about the Omega version of Bolt in Daemon X Machina. The boss is not very different from his original version. However, his attacks are so deadly that being caught in them is literally a death sentence. His guns will stun and deal damage at a much greater rate.

How To Beat Bolt Omega In Daemon X Machina Bolt

His back mounted laser cannons will deal more damage to you than his previous version and his AI buddies will gather very quickly and cause significant damage similar to other bosses of the game.

Keep in mind though that Bolt does not have any attacks that can get you from anywhere on the map. If you drop to the ground to dodge him you will be safe most times. But the AIs become a much greater threat in this case. This fight requires plenty of patience on your part rather than brawn.

We will move on now to discuss the weapons that you will find most useful in this fight.

If you want to keep your distance then sniper rifles are a wise choice. While attacking Bolt with sniper rifles you also must remember to stay below a certain height to avoid most of his long-range attacks or if you are positioned below him. In this scenario, you will be basically fighting with the AIs which in turn will provide you Ammo for your rifles.

If you prefer a close-range attack mode then machine guns are a good bet. It is easy to maintain optimum distance while fighting with them.

In shoulder weapons, Devotion is the best one to use. It is great for sustaining your health and it is very useful if you are having trouble during the fight.

For playing solo we recommend a simple strategy here. If using a sniper focus on the cores and you have no need to fear any damage as long as you do not rise above a certain height. If you do you need to beware of the laser cannons as they can deal damage pretty quickly.

Take out any AIs that come up to you. When he is using his boosting just wait until he stops and then continues on with your attacks.

Now for the mid to close range strategy, try to keep low focus on Bolt’s guns, to begin with. When they begin to charge by going blue, back up and use that time to eliminate the AIs. The same goes for the boost hits. Just wait for them to stop and wait for them to stop and then continue on with your attacks.

Once the middle and rear guns are gone you need to focus on the cores to defeat him completely. If you attack the cores that are on the top of his back just beware of the laser cannons. The can focus damage on you and will bring you down pretty quickly.

It would also be a good idea to use Mirage for distracting Bolt’s different attacks as well as his AIs. And it gives you more time to focus on the boss. It is easily one of the best moves you can use. You can turn on your Mirage when Bolt is close and turn it off when he charges away which will help you a great deal to get through this battle safely.

Players are always better than AIs but when you need to use Mercs then do not use art guns as they are of no use during the fight. On the other hand, Acid does have some effect on him so anyone with an Acid weapon is a good option.

In comparison to other bosses like Zeruchroar and Omega Gunfort, this is not a long fight. Bolt Omega does not have a huge amount of HP or armor. Just focusing on the cores you will be able to kill him pretty quickly. Just be patient and do not rush in too quickly. Just take your time and you will succeed in the end.


You get the front headpiece of his armor which basically looks like hammerhead and is quite cool looking.

That is all for our Daemon X Machina Bolt Omega guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Daemon X Machina guides hub.

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