Cyberpunk 2077 Wellsprings Gigs Guide – How to Complete

Cyberpunk 2077 wellsprings gigs

Wellsprings is one of the sub-districts in Cyberpunk 2077. It is a small section on the Night City map that has only a handful of gigs. In this guide, you will get detailed walkthroughs for all types of Wellsprings gigs in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Wellsprings Gigs Guide

There are only three Gigs available in the Wellsprings area of the game.

On a Tight Leash

  • Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1
  • Type: Gun for Hire

Go to the bus depot close to the Megabuilding H02 in Wellsprings. Your primary target is Jose is found upstairs in the bus depot’s main room. As is the case with all side quests, main quests, and gigs, there are multiple ways to approach this situation. You can enter the area from the left (west) by jumping over the fence section at the very end of the dead end. Use the ladder to reach the rooftop. Takedown or stealth your way past the single guard and then go through the door if you have a high-enough Technical Ability attribute. Go to the room on the right and kill Jose.

If your Technical Ability isn’t high enough, you can enter through the hole in the outer wall to the right (east) of the front entrance. Hack to turn off the cameras and crouch-walk along the east wall. Takedown the female enemy thug and hide her body in a crate. Go through the door to reach the storage area where you will find two Valentinos. Go past them after they are done talking and takedown the remaining Valentino once the other one leaves. Go up the stairs in the Northeast corner which takes you to your target. Read the messages on his computer to complete optional objectives.

The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away

  • Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 2
  • Type: Search and Recover

Head over to the Valentinos auto shop at the western edge of Wellsprings. The objective is to recover an SUV inside the auto shop. There are multiple ways to complete this Wellsprings gig in Cyberpunk 2077. However, if you have high enough Body stat, go over the fence on the west side of the auto shop (turn off cameras before doing that), and brute force your way through the garage door. The SUV will be right in front of you.

On the other hand, if you have a good Technical Ability stat you can use the dumpster or the ladder around the corner to reach the roof. Jump down the hatch gated behind the Technical stat requirement. A door will take you to the SUV. Once inside, crouch behind the SUV, take down the enemies in the garage and take the SUV to the Nomad.

Hot Merchandise

  • Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 4
  • Type: SOS Merc Needed

The first objective is to access the marked electronics store in Wellsprings. You can use the front door for a stealth approach but with a high enough Technical or Body attribute, use the door in or a garage date on the west side. Both of them will take you to a guarded storage section. You can also open the shutter on the south side to access an office where you can kill an enemy. From there, move toward the counter in the main room to start a conversation between Two Animals and come back to the office. Wait for one of them to leave and then head to the storage area, couch walk behind the counter to avoid detection. Take care of the enemies in the storage room or sneak past them, and use the stairs on the south.

Downstairs you will find one enemy. Tag the target and take him down when he is not looking. You can then deal with the netrunner Rebecca. You can kill her but you can also knock her out and put her in the car send by the fixer to complete the gig.

And that’s all you need to know about Cyberpunk 2077 Wellsprings gigs. Also check out Little China gigs, Japantown gigs, and Kabuki gigs.

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