If you are not interested in the Corpo and Nomad paths here’s what you can do, choose to play as The Street Kid. If you play as The Street Kid, the game starts with V having a beer and burger at the El Coyote Coho bar and a nice conversation with the bar’s owner Pepe. Below is a complete walkthrough for The Street Kid Prologue quest for Cyberpunk 2077 players.


All Streed Kid Prologue Objectives

  1. Visit El Coyote Cojo: Head to the bar to start your journey in Night City.
  2. Deal with the Broken Nose: Decide whether to take a shot from Pepe to alleviate the pain.
  3. Discuss Pepe’s Debt: Listen to Pepe’s financial troubles and decide to help.
  4. Meet with Kirk: Head upstairs in the bar to discuss a potential solution to Pepe’s problems.
  5. Ride with Padre: Accept a ride from Padre and learn more about the streets of Night City.
  6. Reach the Parking Garage: Follow Kirk’s instructions to the location of the heist.
  7. Contact Rick: Get the details of the heist and locate the Rayfield Aerondight.
  8. Steal the Rayfield Aerondight: Navigate the parking garage, find the luxury car, and attempt to steal it.
  9. Deal with the Unexpected: Handle the complications that arise during the heist.

Fun Fact: In the “Street Kid” life path, V is originally from Heywood, a district in Night City. This gives V a unique perspective on the city’s underbelly, as they’ve grown up witnessing the struggles and challenges of street life firsthand. While other life paths, like “Corpo” and “Nomad,” offer V an outsider’s or corporate view of Night City, the “Street Kid” path provides a more grassroots understanding. This means that as a “Street Kid,” V often has unique dialogue options and insights when interacting with gangs, local fixers, and other street-level characters throughout the game, reflecting their deep-rooted connection to the streets of Night City.

Starting As A Street Kid

Starting off in a bar, V’s altercation leaves them with a broken nose. It’s a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in every corner of Night City. Decide whether to take a shot from Pepe, the bartender, to numb the pain. It’s a small choice, but it sets the tone for your journey. As you recover, Pepe shares his financial woes. It’s a common tale in Night City, but this time, you’re in a position to help.

Meet Kirk

Upstairs, you’ll find Kirk, a man with connections and a plan to solve Pepe’s problems. But his solutions come with risks. Engage in tense negotiations, and be prepared to make some morally gray decisions. As you leave the bar, Padre offers a ride. This journey is more than just transportation; it’s a lesson in the politics and power dynamics of Night City.

The Heist

After a brief call from Kirk, you’ll find yourself in a parking garage. Here, Rick provides the details for your heist. Your target? The luxurious Rayfield Aerondight. Just when you think you’ve got the car, the heist takes a turn. Night City is full of surprises, and not all of them are pleasant. Navigate through confrontations and make quick decisions to stay ahead.

Twists, Turns, And New Alliances

  • Street Politics: As you deal with the aftermath of the heist, the hierarchy of Night City becomes evident. From street rats to the NCPD and corporate bigwigs, everyone has an agenda.
  • Bond of the Streets: Despite the challenges, the loyalty of the streets shines through. Old rivalries are set aside, new alliances are formed, and valuable intel about Kirk surfaces, giving Pepe some much-needed peace of mind.

Fast Forward: New Beginnings

  • A New Dawn: Six months fly by, and the landscape of Night City changes. But some things remain constant: danger, intrigue, and the promise of a better tomorrow.
  • Training with Jackie: Before diving into the main job, “The Rescue,” Jackie introduces a training simulation, “Practice Makes Perfect.” It’s an invaluable tool for honing your skills and preparing for the challenges ahead.

And that’s how to complete The Street Kid prologue quest in Cyberpunk 2077. If you want to learn more, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub.