In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, players are introduced to the game through a prologue mission that is determined by their chosen life path. For those who select the Nomad life path, their journey begins in a unique way in Badlands, setting the tone for their adventures in Night City. In this guide, we will go through every choice and objective the player is presented with in The Nomad Prologue and help you start off on the right foot.


The Nomad’s Beginning

The game starts with V, the protagonist, looking into a mirror and making the symbolic gesture of removing the patch that once identified them as part of a Nomad clan. This act signifies a departure from their roots. However, before diving deep into the story, V’s immediate concern is their broken-down car. The mechanic in the desolate Badlands town isn’t too cooperative, prompting players to explore the shop. Here, players can find their first Shard, a device that provides lore, titled “The Unification War… For Gonks!” Alongside, there are consumables like water and Tiancha Pomelo. Despite the mechanic’s reluctance, players will end up fixing the car themselves. But the challenges don’t end there; the radio antenna malfunctions, and as V tries to contact someone for guidance, the town’s Sheriff makes an appearance. Players can choose to be sassy or respectful, but the end goal remains the same: leave the garage and venture into the Badlands.

How To Deal With The Mechanic: You can deal with the mechanic however you want because the dialogue options have no impact on the outcome. Regardless of what you do with mechanic, V will end up fixing the car on their own.

How To Deal With The Sheriff: The Sheriff is being rude and it won’t hurt your cause if you put him in his place. Again, the dialogue options here have no impact on the outcome of the situation. Regardless of what you do with the Sheriff, V will leave the garage in the car.


Travel to the Telecom Tower

The next objective is the Telecom Tower. Before heading there, players have the option to explore the surroundings. By doing so, they can find items to sell later for extra eurodollars. For instance, inside the mechanic’s office, there’s a drawer with $100. Further exploration around the town can yield more consumables and shards. However, players should be mindful of their weight limit. Upon reaching the Telecom Tower, players need to kick open the gate, climb the stairs, and communicate with their Nomad friend, McCoy, to gather essential information.

Heading to the Meeting Point

The map will guide players to a new waypoint, leading to a solitary trailer. The Badlands can be explored, but there isn’t much to discover at this stage. Upon reaching the trailer, players meet Jackie Welles, a relaxed individual armed and ready with the cargo for delivery. After some dialogue exchanges, players assist Jackie in loading the cargo into the car, setting the stage for the next segment of the mission.

meeting place location

Drive to the Border

The journey to the border is straightforward, with the road leading players through a desolate landscape dotted with gas pumps, trash, and abandoned vehicles. As they approach the border checkpoint, they’ll encounter guards. Here, V and Jackie engage in a conversation, and players are introduced to the process of customs clearance.

The Checkpoint Experience

At the checkpoint, players must follow specific protocols, such as handing over their weapons and attending an interview. The border guard will inquire about the cargo, and players have the option to bribe him. After the interview, players retrieve their weapons and return to their vehicle.


Welcome to Night City

The atmosphere becomes tense as Jackie and V sense something amiss. Their suspicions are confirmed when Corporate Agents ambush them, leading to a high-octane chase. Players must fend off the attackers, making use of unlimited ammo and various shooting tactics. After the skirmish, Jackie and V find refuge in a garage, where they discuss the botched smuggling operation and discover the unexpected cargo: a critically endangered Lesser Antillean iguana.

The Nomad Life Path FAQ