In Cyberpunk 2077, players are thrust into various missions and Braindances, with “The Information” being the first significant test of their detective skills. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of The Information Braindance, ensuring players can successfully navigate the objectives, scan crucial elements, and uncover the hidden Relic with ease.


Starting the Braindance

Begin your journey at Lizzie’s Bar, where you’ll meet the adept Judy Alvarez. She will provide you with a specialized headset, your gateway into the immersive world of Braindance. As you don the headset, pay keen attention to Judy’s insightful instructions. Her expertise will guide you in maneuvering through the various Braindance layers, a skill imperative for the mission’s success.

Inside the Braindance

Start your first task by switching to the visual layer within the Braindance. Here, your objective is to locate Yorinobu and his datapad. A clear, focused scan of the datapad is essential, ensuring you gather all the necessary information. Remember to switch to visual layer for optimal results.

Scanning the Apartment Security Systems

In the Cyberpunk 2077 mission “The Information,” you will need to meticulously analyze a braindance to uncover various types of clues, including details about the apartment’s security systems. Missing any security device during this analysis could impact your ability to disarm it later on. Here’s a detailed walkthrough to ensure you don’t miss anything:

Military-Grade Cyberware

  • Time to Scan/Layer: 0m10s / Visual
  • Details: Scan the Cyborg as soon as you see him.

Motion Sensor Camera 1

  • Time to Scan/Layer: 0m10s / Visual
  • Location: On the wall, up and to the right just outside the lift entrance.
  • Details: This camera is easy to miss, so be vigilant as you exit the lift.

Alarm System

  • Time to Scan/Layer: 0m10s / Visual
  • Location: On the wall just to the right and left of the lift.
  • Details: Scanning either side counts.

Motion Sensor Camera 2

  • Time to Scan/Layer: 0m22s / Visual
  • Location: On the ceiling just in front of the TV.
  • Details: Another motion sensor camera to be aware of.

Yorinobu’s Phone Conversation

  • Time to Scan/Layer: 0m30s / Audio
  • Details: At the half-minute point, tune into Yorinobu’s telephonic discussion in the audio layer. Additionally, scan the television to gather audio information regarding the cooling and ventilation systems.

Turret and Camera

  • Time to Scan/Layer: 2m05s / Visual
  • Location: To the right of the TV on the ceiling.
  • Details: Look up to find an automated turret and camera.


  • Time to Scan/Layer: 2m45s / Visual
  • Details: Scan the datapad as Yorinobu approaches the bed, while it’s still activated just as he is about to put it away


  • Time to Scan/Layer: 2m45s / Visual
  • Location: On a chest at the end of the bed.
  • Details: There’s a gun you can also scan while grabbing the datapad.

Scanning for Thermal Clues to Find the Relic

In the Braindance, after scanning the datapad, you will unlock the thermal layer, allowing you to find the heat signature for the Relic storage. The thermal clues are highlighted by a blue gas that indicates ‘cold’. Here’s a detailed walkthrough to ensure you don’t miss any thermal clues:

All Braindance Clues

2m40s: Air Conditioning Vent

  • What to Scan: Air conditioning vent on the wall.
  • Details: Immediately upon gaining access to the Thermal layer, direct your attention to the wall-mounted air conditioning vent and perform a scan.

1m30s-1m56s: Champagne and Ice Bucket

  • What to Scan: Champagne and ice bucket.
  • Details: As the timeline progresses and individuals gather around the coffee table, locate and scan the champagne and ice bucket. Although it’s not directly related to the relic, it’s an essential part of the comprehensive thermal scan.

1m00s: Fridge

  • What to Scan: Fridge where Evelyn gets a drink.
  • Details: At the one-minute mark, focus on the fridge from where Evelyn retrieves a drink. This element, while not crucial for the relic, contributes to the overall thermal scanning process.

0m40-0m46s: Hidden Safe

  • What to Scan: Hidden safe on the floor in the far corner of the room.
  • Details: As Yorinobu and Evelyn move towards the bar at the beginning of the recording, a brief opportunity arises to scan a concealed safe on the room’s distant corner floor. This is the sought-after heat signature for the Relic storage. Scanning this allows you to exit the Braindance, even without completing other optional tasks.

This is what you need to do in order to complete the objectives of the braindance in the mission “The Information”. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on the different districts of Night City. We also have a guide that covers the different gangs in the game. You can also check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub in order to learn more about the game.