If you are taking the Corpo lifepath you’ll be thrown into the Corpo Rat prologue quest. This is the first mission you get as part of the Corpo lifepath. Below you will get a complete Corpo Rat walkthrough for Cyberpunk 2077 players.


Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Rat Prologue Walkthrough

As the quest starts you will find yourself in a relaxing environment and get a call from Jackie Welles. You are currently inside the Arasaka Tower in Night City. Your first objective to go and meet Mr. Jenkins, your superior. You can directly go see him or look around to explore a bit but there is nothing much there to be excited about. You can speak with other agents in the building or listen to their conversations. There are commercials running everywhere that you can enjoy. Use these to know more about Night City and the Arasaka Tower.

Now let’s go speak with Jenkins; after you exit the elevator a mercenary starts a conversation with you. It is up to you to speak to him or walk by quietly. Before you can enter Jenkin’s office you will be scanned for weapons. Head inside to speak with Jenkins. He is watching his plan unfold at the European Space Agency on a big screen. You can see some people being fried over the net they are connected to. Due to his operation, Jenkin’s superior Abernathy gives him an angry phone call. Jenkin’s then decides that she must be dealt with.

The job falls on V so you must deal with this request. Jenkins gives you a data shard that contains personal information about Abernathy. Take the data shard and head back to your office where you can either look at the data or leave. You can also speak with people there and explore your desk. Once you are done with Arasaka Tower head over to the flying vehicle to head to Lizzie’s.

As you get closer to Lizzie’s location you will come to know that there is no way to land in front of the club so you must land on the roof. However, there are some basketball players in your way so Corpo V must either deal with them nicely to kill them all.

Land and go to the entrance to speak with the bouncer. Head inside and find Jackie sitting downstairs in the corner. Speak to Jackie about Jenkins’ request. Sadly, this is where shit hits the fan. As you are speaking with Jackie, Abernathy’s bodyguards arrive and take everything from you. They shut down your bank account and cyberware, you are fired from your job. They attempt to take you to Abernathy but Jackie saves your life.

Optional Objective: Read the Files

Before diving into the main mission, players have the chance to familiarize themselves with the corporate landscape of Night City. The terminal on V’s desk contains files that shed light on the internal politics and power plays within the Arasaka Corporation.

Why It Matters: While this objective is optional, it offers players a deeper understanding of V’s position within the company and the challenges they face. The files touch on:

  • Key players within Arasaka and their roles.
  • Recent corporate events that might impact V’s mission.
  • Background information that can influence dialogue choices and player decisions later in the game.

How to Access: To complete this objective:

  1. Approach the terminal on V’s desk.
  2. Interact with the terminal.
  3. Browse through the various files, taking note of the information presented.

Corpo Life Path Cash Hack: How To Get $200,000 Early

Early in the Corpo storyline, you’ll find yourself at the Mox Club. Here’s where the magic happens. Check your inventory, and you’ll notice you’re almost 200,000 eddies richer. But before you can spend it, the game takes it away. Unless…

The game might strip you of your cash, but it won’t touch your items. Here’s how to exploit this:

  • At the Mox Club, locate a vending machine.
  • Buy as many soda cans as your eddies allow.
  • Save your game and reload to refresh the vending machine’s stock.
  • Repeat the buy-save-reload process until you’ve converted all your cash into soda cans.

Once you’ve navigated through the Corpo introduction, your inventory will be bursting with soda cans. You can sell these for a significant sum. But why stop there?

To truly capitalize on your soda can investment:

  • Unlock the Mechanic Perk.
  • Dismantle the soda cans to get Common and Uncommon Components.
  • Sell these components. Common ones fetch $5 each, while Uncommon ones go for $8 apiece.

And that’s all you need to know to complete the Corpo Rat Prologue mission. More content is on the way but in the meantime, check The Nomad prologue walkthrough as well.