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“The Beast in Me” is one of the side jobs in Cyberpunk 2077, and it can be played after you complete the “Double Life” Main Job. The Beast in Me is a Minor Side, and below is a complete walkthrough to help you complete it in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me Side Job Walkthrough

This side job starts after you receive a call from Claire; go to her garage shop in Arroyo during daylight hours. You can use the Time Skip feature from the main menu if need be. You can also meet Claire at night in the Afterlife. Accept her offer; you will have to perform in three separate races to advance to the finals. Go to the marked area and call Claire after you get the message from her.

The City Center Race

The race at the City Center is all about sharp turns and speed. You need to have exceptional control over your vehicles. Make sure you slow down at turns and maintain a balance while dealing with each bend in the road.


Badlands Race

Thankfully, there is little to no traffic during the Badlands race in Cyberpunk 2077. However, you will have to deal with off-road situations and frequent obstacles. Your car will skid on the dirt so maintain your balance accordingly. Keep an eye on the next gate to optimize your acceleration during the Badlands race in The Beast in Me Side Job.

Santo Domingo

This is a technical race where you will be performing 90-degree turns on busy roads, straight roads where you can speed up, and tough hairpins.

The Big Race (Final)

If you manage to win the above races, you will find yourself in the Big Race event. The race is pretty simple but you will eventually face problems when Sampson’s car pulls out of the race due to damage. You can you after Sampson and work with Claire, or ignore her request and win the race. Depending on your decision, these are the possible outcomes.

If you go after Samson, there will be an accident, and the default outcome is that Claire will kill him to avenge her husband.


If you choose to stay in the race, you have the opportunity to win and claim the prize money. However, this decision will affect your relationship with Claire when you late encounter her as a bartender in the Afterlife.

The final option is to convince Claire and talk her out of killing Sampson after the race. You can intervene before she kills him. Make Claire listen to Sampson as he explains why he is not responsible for killing Claire’s husband Dean.

In both situations where you go after Clair, she will give you her beloved car, The Beast. And that’s how you complete Cyberpunk 2077 the Beast in Me side job.


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