Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC adds a lot of new content, including a new area and cool new weapons. If you are getting started, then you will want to find some good Iconic weapons quickly. In this Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty guide, I go over some of the best Iconic weapons you can get early on and down the line.


Best Iconic Weapons You Can Get Early In Cyberpunk 2077

The following are some of the best Iconic weapons that you can get early on in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.


RAIJU is a tech SMG that has a great rate of fire, and you are able to hit headshots from a fair distance away. You can get the weapon from the Increased Criminal Activity in Dogtown, Pacifica, shown in the image below.

Make your way through the tunnel and into the base inside. You will find a mini-boss, and defeating him will reward you with the Cache Access Card, which you will need to unlock the room that has the RAIJU Iconic SMG as well as other high-tier loot.

ROSCO – Power Revolver

You can get the ROSCO power revolver from one of Fingers’ gigs called Waiting For Dodger. Help a couple of characters, and you will meet Dodger. This gig has a couple of encounters, but if you kill Dodger, then you can get the ROSCO power revolver from his body.

The ROSCO power revolver does decent headshot damage and comes with armor penetration as well.


This is an upgraded version of the KYUBI, and it is missable. The weapon can be found inside a large pond near the Golden Pacific waypoint. Near the casinos, head into the water, and you will find a tied-up body. The weapon is right under the body.

The weapon has a +15-% headshot damage multiplier and +35% armor penetration.

OGOU – Smart Pistol

To get the OGOU smart pistol, you need to invade the Voodoo Boys’ base during the gig called Treating Symptoms. Progress through, and at the end, you can loot this weapon from an enemy.

The weapons come with nice perks such as +50% headshot and critical hit damage. You also get +25% armor penetration and 1.2-second lock-on time. Since the weapon fires explosive rounds, shooting enemies will have an increased chance of dismembering them.