Lucy is one of the fan favorite characters from the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime so it makes sense that Cyberpunk 2077 players would want to make a build like hers. Since Cyberpunk 2077 offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to build and playstyle, especially after update 2.0, making a build similar to Lucy’s is possible. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, I cover how you can make a Lucy build from the Edgerunner anime for your V.


How To Make A Cyberpunk Edgerunner Lucy Build In Cyberpunk 2077

The Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy relies on Quickhacks, stealth, and the monowire. The following is a breakdown of the build and everything that you are going to need.

Life Path

You can pick any life path that you want since it does not affect the skills that you have access to but if you are a hardcore roleplayer then the Street Kid life path is the one that best suits Lucy. It should give you some interesting conversation options and a different start compared to the other life paths.


Cyberware is pretty important for this build. You will not have options at the start of the game but a wider selection will become available once you have completed The Heist mission. You should get even better Cyberware as you progress through the game.

  • Monowire (Arm) – This cyberwar for your arms will become available once you complete The Heist main mission. You can visit Ripperdocs to get them. We recommend visiting Ripper Docs in the Downtown and Kabuki Slums areas early on. As you progress the game, better variants of the Monowire will become available.
  • Cyberdeck – If you are starting a new game then we can recommend the Netwatch variants and head over to Doc. Rider in Wellsprings. These are going to cost you so if Eddies are an issue then you can head over to Viktor in Kabuki Market and get the Militech Cyberdecks, which are a bit more affordable. You should get Quickhacks such as System Collapse or Detonate Grenade. We can also recommend Contagion or Short Circuit and Cyberware Malfunction or Cripple Sonic Shock.
  • Optical Camo – Lucy does not use any camo in Cyberpunk Edgerunners but she does dazzle enemies and runs circles around them. If you want to do the same then we recommend going invisible with the Optical Camo. You can get started by getting one from Ripper Doc in East Santa Domingo. Once you progress the game you can find better options.
  • Kerenzikov – Lucy can move very quickly. So you need something that lets you dodge and slide during fights and even slow down time. That is where the Kerenzikov comes in. You can buy it from the Arroyo Ripperdoc in Santa Domingo for $7,500. If you are higher street cred then the cost will be lower.
  • Maneuvering System – You can add a Maneuvering System to enhance the effects of the Kerenzikov. It will enhance your melee abilities and allow you to pull off some really cool moves. You can buy it from the Arroyo Ripperdoc in Santa Domingo for $3000.


The Monowire is an incredibly powerful weapon but you will need something when enemies are not in melee range or you just want to get those headshots. Since you will be spending plenty of points in Cool for this build you can use a handgun.

  • Cheetah – Cheetah is a power pistol that has +50% crit damage. You can get it from the No Easy Way Out side mission.
  • Her Majesty – Her Majesty is a power pistol that has 150% headshot damage multiplier. You can get it from the gig called Get It Together.
  • Ogou – Ogou is a smart pistol with nice perks such as +50% headshot and critical hit damage. You also get +25% armor penetration and 1.2-second lock-on time. Since the weapon fires explosive rounds, shooting enemies will have an increased chance of dismembering them. To get the OGOU smart pistol, you need to invade the Voodoo Boys’ base during the gig called Treating Symptoms. Progress through, and at the end, you can loot this weapon from an enemy.
  • Rosco – This is a power revolver that does decent headshot damage and comes with armor penetration as well. You can get the ROSCO power revolver from one of Fingers’ gigs called Waiting For Dodger. Help a couple of characters, and you will meet Dodger. This gig has a couple of encounters, but if you kill Dodger, then you can get the ROSCO power revolver from his body.
  • Pride – Pride is a pistol that you get for completing the Rogue ending of Cyberpunk 2077. It offers +420% headshot damage, +13% crit chance, and +100% crit damage. Furthermore, your first hit is always going to be a critical hit. All this makes it a deadly weapon. Use a silencer on the weapon, and you can easily get stealth headshots and one-shot enemies.

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Attributes And Perks

Since Lucy is a Netrunner and relies heavily on Quickhacks, you will want to prioritize Intelligence. Other than Intelligence, you can max out Cool and Reflexes. The same applies if you have the Phantom Liberty expansion. You can also invest a few points into Body and Tech to unlock some of the skills that can be helpful in these skill trees. The following are all the main and secondary perks that we recommend for this Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Lucy build.

Note: Some perks require the Phantom Liberty expansion.

Intelligence Perks

Main PerksSecondary Perks
OptimizationProximate Propagation
Subordination Subordination
Encryption Encryption
Eye in the SkyForcekill Cypher
Warning: Explosion Hazard
Embedded ExploitIcepick
System Overwhelm System Overwhelm
Speculation Speculation
Siphon Siphon
Shadowrunner Shadowrunner
Hack QueueFeedback Loop
Data Recycler Data Recycler
Copy-Paste Copy-Paste
Counter-A-Hack Counter-A-Hack
OverclockPower Surge
Race Against Mind Race Against Mind
Sublimation Sublimation
Queue AccelerationQueue Hack_Root
Queue Prioritization Queue Prioritization
Finisher: Live Wire Finisher: Live Wire
SpilloverQueue Mastery
Blood DaemonQueue Hack_Root
Sublimation Sublimation

Cool Perks

Main PerksSecondary Perks
Feline Footwork
FocusNo Sweat
Rinse and Reload Rinse and Reload
Head to Head Head to Head
Deep Breath Deep Breath
Creeping Death Creeping Death
Vanishing Act Vanishing Act
DeadeyeCalifornia Reaper
High Noon High Noon
Long Shot Long Shot
Quick Draw Quick Draw
Run ‘N’ Gun

Reflexes Perks

Main PerksSecondary Perks
SlipperyPower Slide
Parkour! Parkour!
DashSteady Grip
Mean Streak Mean Streak
Air DashAerial Acrobat

Body Perks

Main PerksSecondary Perks
PainkillerComeback Kid
Army of One Army of One
Adrenaline RushJuggernaut
Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force
Calm Mind Calm Mind
Fury Road

Relic Perks

Main SkillBranching Skill
JailbreakData Tunneling
Vulnerability AnalyticsMachine Learning
Emergency CloakingSensory Protocol

This is out Cyberpunk Edgerunners Lucy build for Cyberpunk 2077. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub.