Cyberpunk 2077 Little China Gigs Guide – How to Complete

Cyberpunk 2077 Little China Gigs Guide

Little China is one of the regions in Cyberpunk 2077 and while it is one of the poorest areas of Night City, there still some gigs here to V. Below is a complete guide for Cyberpunk 2077 Little China Gigs. The guide has detailed instructions on how to complete Little China gigs and gigs locations.

Cyberpunk 2077 Little China Gigs

There are only 4 gigs available in Little China and all of them are pretty simple. You need to complete some basic tasks to complete all Little China gigs in Cyberpunk 2077.

Playing For Keeps

  • Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1
  • Type: Search and Recover

To start this gig you need to visit Kashuu Henten. Your objective is to steal Jacob’s eye implant that is in the storage room at the back of this joint. You can get to the joint through the alleyway on the side. There is only one Tiger Claw standing in your way outside, there is the vending machine you can use to distract him. As soon as you enter you will find yourself in front of the storage room but the door needs to be unlocked. You can unlock the door with brute force if your body state is high but the best way to get the door unlocked is by getting the information from the computer and using it to blackmail the barman of the joint.

Catch a Tiger’s Toe

  • Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1
  • Type: Agent Saboteur

Go to the Megabuilding H11 and use the elevator to reach the marked area of the map. This will you to an underground server room. Get out of the elevator and use one of the paths (left or right) to reach the server room. Deal with the surveillance cameras and tag the enemies. The enemies have a small petrol route which gives you an opportunity to do something but only for a few seconds. There is nothing much you can do here other than take them all out sequentially. Then take the door on the far right side to access the main computer. Upload the malware and get out of the area.


  • Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 2
  • Type: SOS Merc Needed

Go to the Tyger Claw dojo in the southwest of Little China. You need to get inside the building and reach the basement. If your Body stat is high enough you can enter through a shortcut in the alleyway. You can also climb the roof where you’ll have two ways to get inside the building. The first way is the roof window which can be opened with a high enough Technical Ability attribute. If you don’t have Body and Technical stat you can try entering through the roof window above the front entrance. However, there is a guard patrolling the area so watch out.

Once you get inside you can use the adjacent computer office to turn off two cameras but you will have to disable more along the way. Now crouch walk around the dojo counterclockwise, moving from cover to cover to sneak past the fighting area. Turn right when you reach the workout area to find the basement door behind the stairs. There are two paths in the basement; the left path has a camera that should be deactivated, the second path is in front of you with another camera and a Tyger Claw on the way. Roh is held captive in the far-right room and a guard is watching the room. Takedown the guard before you rescue Roh. Get Roh out of the building through the ground floor via the door immediately up the stairs.

The Heisenberg Principle

  • Unlock Condition: Street Cred 3
  • Type: Agent Saboteur

The objective of this Cyberpunk 2077 Little China gig is to find a drug lab in a large basement area. The front of the building is guarded by guarded but the two just inside will go away after done talking. Stay close to the wall and crouch wall past the one remaining guard at the entrance. You can get to the basement through two paths; drop down the elevator shaft if you have a high Body attribute level, the second path is the door in the far left corner, up the stairs. It is best to disable cameras in the area.

Once you reach the basement area you have multiple path choices again. All paths have cameras so be prepared to deal with them. If you came from the elevator crouch walk the lab through the basement counterclockwise, with only one enemy in your way.

If you came from the stairs, you can use Technical ability to open the door on the left which leads right to the lab. Otherwise, you need to go through the entire basement area counterclockwise, taking down enemies and sneaking past others.

Once you enter the lab, tag three Tyger Claws and take them down silently. Destry the drugs to complete the gig.

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