Life paths in Cyberpunk 2077 offer players a unique starting point, shaping V’s backstory and initial experiences in Night City. Each life path provides a distinct prologue, side missions, and dialogue options that can influence certain quest outcomes. One of the most pivotal choices in Cyberpunk 2077 is your life path. This choice not only crafts your character’s backstory but also influences your initial experiences, relationships, and how the world perceives you. Whether you’re a street-savvy rogue, a corporate ladder-climber, or a desert-wandering nomad, your life path sets the tone for your journey. Dive into this guide to understand the nuances of each path, their unique quests, and dialogue options, and to make an informed decision for your playthrough.


All Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepaths

Street Kid Lifepath

  • Prologue:
    • Location: Haywood, at the El Coyote Coho bar owned by Jackie’s mom.
    • Mission: V is tasked with stealing a Rayfield Aerondight, a rare and expensive car.
    • Outcome: As V attempts to drive off, Jackie intervenes, and both are briefly detained by the police before being released.
  • Unique Side Mission in Act 2:
    • Contact: Kirk Sawyer.
    • Mission: Retrieve military-grade cyberware from the Valentinos gang.
    • Twist: The “cyberware” turns out to be a fake Samurai jacket.
    • Outcome: Kirk and Big Joe are killed by the Valentinos, and V has the choice to retaliate or walk away.
  • Dialogue Options:
    • Streetkids can thwart an armed robbery at a diner by discussing the local gang situation, showcasing their knowledge of the streets.
Street Kid in-game design.

Corpo Lifepath

  • Prologue:
    • Location: Arasaka office.
    • Mission: V is involved in a corporate power struggle, tasked with assassinating a middle manager named Abernathy.
    • Outcome: The plot is discovered, V is ousted from Arasaka, and teams up with Jackie to become a mercenary.
  • Unique Side Mission in Act 2:
    • Contact: Frank Nostra, a former Arasaka co-worker.
    • Mission: Retrieve files from a dead drop.
    • Twist: Nostra attempts to betray V to get back into Abernathy’s good graces.
    • Outcome: V can either convince Frank to leave or eliminate him.
  • Dialogue Options:
    • Corpo V can leverage corporate knowledge to negotiate better rewards during quests.
    • In the mission “Gimme Danger,” Corpo V can use their background to convince a guard to grant them access to a facility.
Corpo in-game design.

Nomad Lifepath

  • Prologue:
    • Location: Outskirts of Night City.
    • Mission: V meets Jackie to complete a delivery job.
    • Outcome: A run-in with border guards leads to combat. The cargo they’ve been smuggling is revealed to be an iguana.
  • Unique Side Mission in Act 2:
    • Contact: A geoping from V’s old Thornton car.
    • Mission: Retrieve the car from a scrapyard in the Badlands.
    • Twist: A woman has claimed the car as her own.
    • Outcome: V can reclaim the car by force, pay the woman, or let her keep it.
  • Dialogue Options:
    • Nomad can save Gary The Prophet by discussing the accusations of lycanthropy, showcasing their outsider perspective.
Nomad in game design.

Overall Impact of Life Paths

  • Unique Content: Each life path offers a unique prologue and side mission, providing a glimpse into V’s past and personal connections.
  • Dialogue Choices: Life paths influence certain dialogue options. While most are for flavor, some can significantly impact quest outcomes.
  • Main Game Influence: Despite the unique content, the majority of the game remains unaffected by the chosen life path, with only occasional unique dialogues and outcomes.

Author’s Recommendation: Best Life Path

While each life path offers its own flavor and unique experiences, if one were to pick based on the depth of unique content and potential advantages in the game, the Corpo life path slightly edges out.

The Corpo background not only provides a rich understanding of the corporate politics and power plays in Night City but also offers V the ability to leverage this knowledge in various quests. The dialogue options available to Corpo V can sometimes lead to better rewards and smoother quest resolutions, as seen in the “Gimme Danger” mission.

Furthermore, the Corpo side mission offers a deeper dive into the treacherous world of corporate espionage, giving players a taste of the high-stakes environment of Night City’s boardrooms.


That said, the best life path ultimately depends on the player’s personal preference and the kind of story they wish to experience. Whether you’re looking for street-level grit, corporate intrigue, or the freedom of the open road, Cyberpunk 2077 has a life path tailored for you.


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