In the expansive world of Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty, players face a pivotal decision concerning Kurt Hansen, the antagonist leading Dogtown and the Barghest faction. This choice, made during the Firestarter mission, significantly impacts the game’s narrative and outcome. This guide delves into the consequences of either killing or sparing Kurt Hansen, aiding players in making an informed decision.


The Dilemma

Kurt Hansen, a dictator with a stronghold over Dogtown, presents a moral quandary in the Firestarter mission. Players must decide whether to eliminate him or let him live, each option unfolding a distinct path in the game’s narrative.

Should You Kill Or Spare Colonel Hansen?

Killing Hansen:

  • Outcome: Grants Hansen his wish to die, freeing him from the pain of the Blackwall’s corruption and his role as a netrunning weapon for the FIA and President Myers.
  • Consequences: Leads to a meeting with President Myers, who is displeased with your decision.
  • Reward: Offers a meager reward of 5,000 Eurodollars.
  • Narrative: Concludes with a meeting with Reed, who expresses disappointment in your actions but acknowledges the possible justification for killing Hansen.

Sparing Hansen:

  • Outcome: Goes against Hansen’s wish to die, leaving him to a fate he considers worse than death.
  • Consequences: President Myers is pleased with your decision.
  • Reward: Offers you an NUSA medal and a reward of 30,000 Eurodollars.
  • Narrative: Leads to the new Cyberpunk 2077 ending in the “Who Wants To Live Forever” mission.

Boss Fight Tips

  1. Be Prepared for Phase Changes:
    • First Phase: Hansen and his mercs will only shoot at you.
    • Second Phase: Hansen gains extreme speed and starts throwing knives.
  2. Avoid the Knife Throw: Hansen’s knife throw sets you up for a follow-up choke hold, knife stab, and toss.
  3. Use the Environment: Jump on top of a container during the fight to avoid Hansen’s knife throw/choke sequence.
  4. Choose Your Weapons Wisely: Employ top-tier weapons to inflict maximum damage.
  5. Be Strategic with Healing: Ensure you enter the battle with full health and have healing items on standby.

You can read a more in-depth boss fight tips including the cheese method in our dedicated Colonel Hansen boss fight guide.

Rewards After Defeating Hansen

  1. Fang: A knife that cripples the target when thrown.
  2. Bald Eagle: A revolver that shreds limbs and causes Fang to return to your hand.
  3. Wild Dog: A weapon that continuously increases fire rate and critical hit chance with repeated hits.

It’s a tough choice to make during this part of the story. Some players left Hansen alive to see what would happen and if he would turn up in other parts of the Phantom Liberty storyline. It will be interesting to see the differences between Hansen still being alive and him being dead, especially with Mr. Hands trying to take over Dogtown. He might be a better ruler than Hansen.