Cyberpunk 2077 Kabuki Gigs Guide – How To Complete

Cyberpunk 2077 Kabuki Gigs Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 is filled to the brim with content like side jobs and gigs. Gigs are assignments that players receive from fixers and are represented by “?” on the map. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we will help players with all of the Gigs in the Kabuki region, how to unlock and how to complete them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Kabuki Gigs Locations

As I mentioned above, the gigs are represented by “?” on the map. When players get close to its location, the ? is replaced by an icon revealing the category of the gig.

There are 6 types of gigs and players can see the icons and categories in the image below.

When players get into the range of the gig, they’ll get a call/text from the local fixer that will reveal the details of the job.

Gigs are divided into four Tiers 1 to 4. Tier 1 gigs are available in all districts at the beginning. As for the rest, they are unlocked with district-specific Street Cred. Meaning players have to increase their street cred in specific Districts to unlock Gigs Tier in that particular district.

Kabuki falls in the Watson district. To unlock Tier 2, players need to have 4 Street Cred in Watson. For Tier 3, players need 8 Street Cred and for Tier 4, players need 15 Street Cred in Watson district.

The following are the Gigs location in the Kabuki region of Cyberpunk 2077 along with their type, unlock condition, and how to complete them.

Welcome To America, Comrade

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1

Type: Agent Saboteur

Make your way to the docks on the east side of Kabuki. The objective is to plant a GPS tracker on a car stored inside a shipping container. The area well guarded and all players have to do is get inside, plant the tracker on the car and leave the Docks.

Go east from the main gate and players will find a fence door. Neutralize the cameras and sneak to the embankment while ignoring the guards. This will take players directly to the car. Plant the GPS tracker and leave the docks to complete the task.

Troublesome Neighbours

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1

Type: Gun For Hire

Make your way to the residential block at Cortes and Kennedy. The target is a Tyger Claw member by the name of Taki Kenmochi. Enter the block through the alleyway under the freeway ramp. Turn right then left and players will get to the mission area.

Players can get to their target either using stealth or can go guns blazing. If you want to use Stealth, distract the first guard by using the vending machine to your left and take him out. Do the same for the second guard by quickhacking the generator on the other side of the fence.

Now sneak up on Taki Kenmochi. Then pick her up if you are doing non-lethal and go back the way you came and place her in the fixer’s car truck to complete the job.

Woman Of LA Mancha

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1

Type: Gun For Hire

Go to the Kabuki Market and find where Anna Hamil lives. There are multiple ways of doing it and some are only available if players have the right attribute or street cred thresholds.

Players can try talking to the local ripperdoc named Robert, paying a prostitute standing in a dingy corner, paying or threatening Imad, or breaching the computer inside the hotel in small storage next to the entrance. If players are Nomad, Imad will happily tell them where Anna lives.

There are two ways staircases on the west side of the market that will take players to Rom 303. One staircase can be reached by opening a side door and is gated behind the Technical ability requirement.

The second staircase is freely accessible and players have to get to the balcony by jumping on the air conditioning units. The air conditioning units will electrocute the player but if they are fast, they can make it.

Alternatively, players can get to Anna’s balcony by jumping on stalls, balconies, and air conditioning units. Once you are on the balcony, make sure to Freeze completely. The conversation that follows can go one of three ways.

1- One outcome will be that Anna will attack the player.

2- Tell her that her superiors placed the bounty was placed on her. To do that, select these dialogue options: “Here To Warn You” -> “Just Wanna Help You” -> “Your buddies at the NCPD”. She’ll drop the case but later we’ll find that she killed her superiors and dies in the ensuing shootout.

3- This only works if players have a Nomad background. Continue the conversation until players get the lines specific to Nomad origin. This will make Anna leave town and stay alive.

Shark In The Water

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1

Type: Gun For Hire

The target in this Cyberpunk 2077 gig is Blake Croyle. Players will find him inside a Pharmaceuticals shop located on the east side of Kabuki. Animals will be guarding the shop. Stealth is recommended here because if the alarm is raised, it’ll result in a lengthy battle with the NCPD.

Take your time and take out the animals quietly. Go inside the shop and Croyle will be sitting in front of a computer in a corner. Take care of the animals inside the shop before dealing with him. Either kill him or knock him out. If you knock him out, then pick him up and take him to the fixer’s car to finish the job.

Monster Hunt

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1

Type: Gun For Hire

Go to the Ho-Oh Casino on the east side of Kabuki. This is one of the most complicated gigs in Cyberpunk 2077. If you intend to extract the target alive, it recommended that you take care of all of the hostiles in your path to make the escape easier. There are more than one ways to complete this mission and one approach is dependent on the Technical Ability attribute requirement.

We won’t be diving into all of the methods to infiltrate and complete the task. The following is one way in which you can complete this Cyberpunk 2077 gig.

Go through the front door and district the bouncer using quickhack. Slip inside while the bouncer is distracted and use the stairs to the upper floor.

Once players are at the uppermost level, force open the door in front of you if you have invested enough in Body attribute. Move counterclockwise and take care of the Tyger Claw near the Braindance table and then the one on the balcony.

From this position, wait for Jotaro Shobo and neutralize him through the opening in the wall. Used a silenced weapon and take a headshot or just use a fatal quickhack. After that, drop down from the nearby balcony and make your way to the street.

Back Against The Wall

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1

Type: Search And Recover

Go to the designated housing block on Columbus street and climb the stairs. Players have to get inside the marked apartment and there are multiple ways t do it like force-opening the door or go through the window and using the fire escape.

Once inside, go to the upper floor using the collapsed floor section. The person will be inside the bathroom. Open the door and the conversation will begin. Make sure to freeze and don’t move for the rest of the conversation, otherwise, a fight will start.

For a peaceful resolution, select the topmost dialogue options. This will calm him down and it’ll give players the opportunity to retrieve the stolen medicine from a wall-mounted container. Get the medicine at the drop point and the gig will be complete.

Small Man, Big Evil

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 2 and complete Moster Hunt gig

Type: Gun For Hire

Go to the rooftop slums near Allen Street. Reach them using the fire escape steps in the alleyway perpendicular to Allen Street. The target is Jae-Hyun who is at the far end of the hostile area. Climb the rooftops using the air conditioning units adjacent to the top of the staircase. The sentry here will look away, so move quietly and take it out. Look down when you reach the ladder and tag both Jae-Hyun and the closest guard. Kill him or knock him out, it’s up to the player.

Last Login

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 2

Type: Theivery

Go to the housing block on Eisenhower Ave as marked on your map. Take the door or the garage gate to left. once players are in the basement, stay low and close to the foot of the stairs. Wait for one scavenger to come your way and take him out and then deal with the other one. Take the laptop on the desk and go to the drop point. However, if you read the file on the laptop, you’ll find something very interesting.

Fixer Merc, Soldier, Spy

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 4 and complete “Welcome To America Comrade” gig

Type: Theivery

Go to the hotel Rairo on Adam Street. Players need to access the elevator and one way to do that is to distract the receptionist and take the key. DIstract him by commenting that the show on TV seems interesting.

Take the elevator and when you come out, take the staircase to reach the level above. Break the glass panel and jump from the balcony to the penthouse’s terrace using the wooden lattice panel. Make sure you aren’t spotted by the camera on the wall.

Once in the living room, you need to retrieve the shard from the bag just below the TV. Grab the shard by sneaking around as there are only two hostiles here. Once you have it, go to the street level and call Regina and deliver the briefcase at the marked location. There are no consequences for this conversation.

That is all for our Cyberpunk 2077 Kabuki Gigs Locations guide with tips on the Gigs location in the Kabuki region and how to complete them. For more on the game, also see our Badlands Gigs Guide and Little China Gigs Guide.

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