Cyberpunk 2077 Japantown Gigs Guide – How To Complete

Cyberpunk 2077 Japantown Gigs Walkthrough Guide

There are a total of 6 gigs that you can complete in Japantown in Cyberpunk 2077. These gigs are small quests that require you to complete a range of jobs like retrieving goods, smuggling a target, hacking into equipment, etc. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we will help players with all of the gigs in Japantown and how to complete them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Japantown Gigs Walkthrough

Japantown in Cyberpunk 2077 are divided into four tiers from Tier 1 to 4. Tier 1 gigs are available as players start the game. To unlock the rest of the tiers, players need to increase their Street Cred.

Olive Branch

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1
Type: Special Delivery

After meeting with Sergei, you’ll need to drive a car toward the waypoint. While on the way, you’ll have the choice of opening up the car’s trunk to find a man inside. You’re allowed to let the man go or not do anything without worrying about the rewards.

We Have Your Wife

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1
Type: SOS: Merc Needed

The best place to enter the area is through the back door toward the north side. This does require a minimum ‘Body’ attribute. Alternatively, access the rooftop via the crates on the west side. Regardless of what path you take, try to disable all the cameras in the area, and don’t forget to deal with a guard near the objective marker. There should be a dumpster nearby to hide the body. After reaching the basement, try to use the elevated walkway until you reach Lauren speaking to a guard. Quickly remove the guard and speak to Lauren. To exit the building, retrace your exact steps while crouching to avoid detection and complete the gig.

Greed Never Pays

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 1
Type: Search and Recovery

Regardless of how you wish to enter the apartment – the easiest is to cause a distraction and knocking the receptionist out to get the elevator access key. To access the apartment, either use ‘2137’ as the access code or use a high ‘Technical’ attribute. Once you’re up, use quickhacks to distract the guards and slowly knock them out.

With a high enough ‘Technical’ attribute, you should be able to open the side door and directly reach the objective. If you aren’t able to do so, proceed through the front door to reach the lounge (none of the enemies should be looking at you) and cause the distraction to knock the final guard down. Once done, head inside the back office to knock another guard down and get the lockbreaker. From there, retrace your steps to exit the area and drop the item at the nearest Drop Point to complete the gig.

A Shrine Defiled

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 3
Type: Agent Saboteur

This is a fairly straightforward gig. You need to enter the shrine and head inside the temple while avoiding the enemies. Once inside, disable the cameras on either side of the doorway. Once done, proceed to the backyard to install the virus before leaving the area and reaching the Drop Point to complete the gig.

Wakao’s Favorite

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 2
Type: SOS: Merc Needed

There are two ways to enter the area. The first one is via the alleyway behind the restaurant but that requires a high ‘Body’ attribute. The other one is via the walkway by climbing the dumpster. Once inside, disarm the mines to reach the basement. You’ll need to slot the shard in the body to complete the gig.

Getting Warmer …

Unlock Condition: Street Cred Tier 2
Type: SOS: Merc Needed

Similar to other gigs, there are multiple ways to enter the building. The best way is to enter via the main door and head up the stairs. Once you’re upstairs, knock the guards out by distracting them. Once done, use the coolant to lower the temperature followed by disconnecting using the computer. Once done, pick the body up and return to the fixer’s car to complete the gig.

These are all the Japantown gigs that you can complete in Cyberpunk 2077. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Cyberpunk 2077 wiki guides.

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