I Fought the Law is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077 that involves River Ward, a potential romantic interest of V. The quest is all about solving a murder mystery of Mayor Lucius Rhyne. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to complete I Fought the Law.

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For the quest to begin, you must wait for Elizabeth Peralez to call you. It should happen automatically as you progress through the campaign. All that you need to do is to ensure that you have completed the main mission called Life During Wartime. You should also try to complete Side Gigs in the Heywood, Westbrook, etc. to speed up the process.

Elizabeth will ask you to meet her in the Glen, Heywood. Once there, get inside the black Limousine parked there. Inside, you will meet Elizabeth Peralez and Jefferson Peralez who will ask you to investigate the death of Lucius Rhyne. And to begin, you will be provided with a BD Recording of the incident.

After viewing it once, go all the way back and analyze the timestamps that we have provided below:

  • 0:11 — Eavesdrop on Wild Holt, the Deputy Mayor.
  • 0:30 — Analyze the door through which Wild Holt exits.
  • 01:00 — Peter Horvath.
  • 01:00 — CCTV monitor near the area from where Peter Horvath came.
  • 01:00 — Analyze the audio of Peter Horvath.

Once you are done with the BD Recording, speak with Peralez once more to inquire about a detective named River Ward. You will need to call River Ward and meet him at the Chubby Buffalo’s BBQ in Glen, Heywood. There are no wrong choices here so you are free to do whatever you please.

After getting into Ward’s car, you will have the choice to select a destination. Once again, your choice here does not have any implications since you will need to visit both the locations anyway.

Christine Markov
To find her, you will need to head over to the Cherry Blossom Market and ask different vendors about her whereabouts. After you have found her, question her before meeting up with River Ward once more. At this point, a few members of Tyger Claws will start to begin some problems. You can let River Ward deal with them or initiate a brawl yourself — once again, this does not have any implications on the outcome. It is also important to note that if you are a Street Kid, you will be able to solve the matter without a brawl.

In order to find the Ward’s informant, you will need to head over to the Corp. Plaza, City Center. Once there, he will try to make a run for it. Catching him, however, should not prove difficult. Once caught, you will be able to question him.

Once you’re done investigating Ward’s information, you will need to head over to the Red Queen’s Race. There is not a lot of resistance that you will need to face in order to get inside the warehouse. Once inside, you will need to open up a crate that has a secret elevator that will take you to the club.

Once inside the club, you can either kill the leader or incapacitate him for interrogation. Regardless of what you do, head inside the office on the opposite end of the area to access the computer. In there, you need to search for the CCTV recording in the ‘Files’ tab.

From there, meet up with River Ward at the Chubby Buffalo’s BBQ and confront Detective Han in the parking lot. Your choices here do not have any implications on the outcome of the quest. Therefore, feel free to choose whatever you want. After that, meet up with Peralez at the Charter Hill, Westbrook to complete I Fought the Law.

This is all we have got in how to complete I Fought the Law in Cyberpunk 2077. To learn more, check out our Highwayman walkthrough guide. You can also check out our detailed Cyberpunk 2077 wiki page for more tips and walkthroughs.

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