In Cyberpunk 2077, V, the game’s protagonist, finds themselves amidst a gripping tale of abduction, deceit, and the desperate hunt for a missing person side job, “The Hunt,” where V must uncover Harris’s IP address, a pivotal piece in the puzzle that is this engrossing questline.


To hack the digital locks on Harris’s secrets, V needs to have an Intelligence attribute of at least 12. This attribute reflects V’s technical acumen and hacking prowess. :I Fought the Law” must be completed before starting “The Hunt.” It serves as an introduction to River Ward, a key character in this questline, and sets the stage for the events to come in Cyberpunk 2077.

How To Find Harris’s IP In Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

  1. Meeting Joss: The quest unfolds at Joss’s residence, where V must investigate clues pointing to Randy’s whereabouts. The search leads to a key unlocking a cupboard in the bedroom.
  2. The Hidden Laptop: A critical piece of evidence, Randy’s laptop, is concealed under the bed. River relocates it to a desk, initiating the digital investigation.

Cracking the Code

  1. Hacking the Laptop: Players with an Intelligence attribute of 9 or higher can attempt to hack the laptop, diving into its digital depths to uncover hidden truths.
  2. Finding the Password: If hacking isn’t within V’s skillset, the quest isn’t stalled. The password, “Liberum Arbitrium,” can be found by interacting with the record player outside the bedroom.

V must meticulously explore the Messages and Files tabs on the laptop. Progressing to the Net tab reveals an image that, when clicked, uncovers additional links.

The Missing ‘ATT_CART_VIDEO‘: A crucial file, indicated as missing on the website, can be found back under the Files tab on the laptop. Watching this video is essential for the quest’s progression.

Harris’s IP Address.

Final Steps

Post the video discovery, V gets the option to pursue Harris’s IP address. However, this requires an Intelligence attribute of at least 12. Players with sufficient Intelligence will see the “Definitely” dialogue option with River. Selecting this and completing the Breach Protocol mini-game grants V access to Harris’s IP address.

Consequences and Continuations

  • Without Enough Intelligence: The quest continues even if V’s Intelligence falls short, but the bragging rights of digital infiltration are lost.
  • Impact on The Hunt: Acquiring the IP address eases upcoming objectives, smoothing the path to quest completion.

That’s all you need to know to find the IP you need to complete the mission.