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Happy Together side job starts after you complete the holocall with Takemura in your apartment at the end of “Playing for Time” Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. It is a minor side job and doesn’t take much longer to complete.

Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together Side Job

This side quest starts close to V’s apartment, just a floor below. Go and speak with the NCPD officers Petrova and Mendez outside condo 0613. After they leave, go and knock on the door yourself, but you will have no luck. However, come back three in-game hours later after moving away far enough. Knock again, and Barry will answer the door. After he invites you inside, have a conversation with him.

The default conversation path has you listen to Barry, and try to cheer him up. Later report your conversation to Petrova and Mendez. In this scenario, things won’t end well for Barry.


You can reach a happier result by selecting the optional dialogue lines (those appearing in blue) and showing your interest in his story. Ask him about Andrew’s death and if he was like a grandfather to Barry. By taking this conversation route, you will unlock an alternative path with additional scenes.

If you found out about the niche at the North Oak Columbarium, go there and inspect the niche to find the true nature of Barry’s friend. Then go back and speak with Petrova and Mendez and share your findings. They will reach differently, which will change the outcome for Barry, and you get a better reward for your troubles.

This is how you can complete the Happy Together side mission in Cyberpunk 2077. To learn more, check out our guide on the economy of the game. For more content, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub.