Full Disclosure unlocks after completing Double Life. Sandra Dorsett, who V and Jackie save in the beginning, will call V and ask to retrieve a databank from a compound in Kabuki. There are a few key choices that V can make during the Full Disclosure side job that I’ve explained in this Cyberpunk 2077 walkthrough guide.


Cyberpunk 2077 Full Disclosure Side Job

Cyberpunk 2077 Full Disclosure
Credits: CD Projekt Red via RespawnFirst

Sandra Dorsett will call V to retrieve a databank. V will find the databank inside a compound in Kabuki. There are multiple entrances into the compound. V can force the middle door open with Body level 5, use the window near the footbridge with a high technical level, or use the garage door on the left of the compound. The databank is in a room on the east of the compound.

Inside, there is a lot of room to hide and cause distractions. The sides of the room provide the best hiding spots and can take V straight to the room. After securing the databank, V needs to call Sandra Dorsett, who will send him the coordinates to her apartment in Little China. The rewards of Full Disclosure depend on whether V cracked the databank or not.

Choices and Consequences

There are multiple choices you can make at the end of Full Disclosure. These choices not only determine the rewards you get in the end, but also Sandra’s fate. Here is a brief rundown of these choices in Full Disclosure:

Telling Her the Truth

Being honest with Sandra about the contents of the databank, you will not only win her trust but also get the maximum amount of EuroDollars.

Lying to Her

Choosing to lie to her about the databank will cause her to become distrustful, and you will get the minimal monetary rewards i.e. 300 EuroDollars.

Blackmailing Her

Lastly, if you try to blackmail her, you will get attacked which results in Sandra dying. However, since these minor choices do not really matter much in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, you will not be missing out on much aside from some additional dialogues.

Alternatively, you can also just hand over the databank, choose not to involve in anything else, and just leave after getting your rewards.

Regardless of which option V chooses, handing the databank over to Sandra Dorsett completes the Full Disclosure side job.

That’s all we’ve got in our Cyberpunk 2077 Full Disclosure Side Job Walkthrough Guide. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Cyberpunk 2077 wiki.