Cyberpunk 2077’s launch is infamous for its bugs and glitches, especially on consoles. The PC version of the game fared better but it was and still isn’t in a perfect state. PC versions of the game face multiple errors and issues, partly due to the number of PC configurations there are in the market and Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception as PC players report Flatlined Error playing the game and in this guide, I will list fixes that will help players resolve the error.


Cyberpunk 2077 Flatlined Error Fixes You Can Try

There are multiple reasons why Cyberpunk PC players are experiencing Flatlined Error. One reason for this error is the lack of AVX instruction set support in old CPUs. If you are experiencing this error, first make sure your CPU supports the AVX instruction set. Without it, the CPU can’t run the game until CD Projekt Red patches it. However, there is a workaround for non-AVX CPUs. Check our errors and fixes guide for the AVX workaround.

The following are the fixes for the Whoa! Cyberpunk 2077 has flatlined error. One of them should fix the error for you.

Update GPU Driver

Devs update games to fix bugs and add new features. With these constant updates, the requirements of the game often change and Cyberpunk 2077 is no different. The reason why are experiencing the Flatlined Error is that the game requires the latest GPU driver and you haven’t updated the GPU driver. Update your GPU driver and ensure to do a clean installation. Launch Cyberpunk 2077 and the Flatlined Error is now fixed.

Download the driver and launch the setup.
Agree to terms of and conditions.
Select custom and click next.
Check ‘Perform a clean installation’ and click next to install.

Disable Third-party Tools/Software

PC users often install tools and software that help them for various reasons like MSI Afterburner, RGB software, driver/softwre for peripherals like controllers or HOTAS, and more. These third-party tools or software can interfere with a game and cause it to crash. It is probably the reason why Cyberpunk 2077 is crashing with the Flatlined error. Disable any tool or software you have installed and the game won’t crash.

Disable In-game Overlays

Almost every gaming-related software on PC has an in-game overlay that allows PC users to access features without minimizing the game. While the in-game overlays are useful, they can cause games to crash and it is the reason why Cyberpunk 2077 is crashing with the Flatlined error. Disable in-game overlays like Steam in-game overlay, Discord overlay, or GeForce Experience overlay, and the Flatlined error will be fixed. To disable Steam overlay, open Steam settings > In-Game > uncheck “Enable the Steam overlay” and press Ok.

Open settings
uncheck “Enable Steam overlay while in-game”

To disable the GeForce Experience overlay, open GeForce Experience> click on the Gear icon next to your username > General > turn off the “IN-GAME Overlay” options.

Click on the Gear icon next to your username
disable in-game overlay

Disable Overclock, Enable Debug Mode

PC users often overclock their hardware to squeeze every bit of performance out of them. While it can boost performance, it can also make gaming an unstable experience as the games often crash or the GPU driver crashes. If you have overclocked your GPU or CPU, it is the reason for the Cyberopubk 2077 Flatlined error. Revert the GPU or the CPU to its base clocks and the game will stop crashing.


In case your GPU is factory overclocked, enable Debug mode through Nvidia Control Panel. PC players report that enabling the Debug mode fixed the Flatlined error for them. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Help > Debug Mode. Debug mode forces the GPU to use the reference clocks recommended by Nvidia which fixes the error.

Install/Repair Visual C++ redistributables

If the above fixes failed to resolve the Flatlined error, right-click Cyberpunk 2077 in Steam library > Manage > Browse local files. A new window will open with game files. Launch Cyberpunk 2077 directly through “REDprelauncher” and you might get an error telling you “vcruntime140_1.dll is missing or MSVCP140.dll Was Not Found”.

Browse local files.
Launch the game through the REDprelauncher.

The reason you got the error is corrupt or missing Visual C++ redistributable files on your PC. You can fix it by repairing or installing the Visual C++ redistributables both x86 and x64 versions. Open Steam library > type ‘Steamworks’ in the search bar > right-click “Steamworks Common Redistributables” > Manage > Browse local files. A new Explorer window will open. Go to _CommonRedist\vcredist and you’ll find some folders with names in years starting from 2010. Open each folder and run the VC_redis, both x64 and x86 versions > install or repair Visual C++ Redistributables > restart your PC > Launch Cyberpunk 2077 and the Flatlined error is now fixed.

If repairing or installing the available Visual C++ redistributables on your system has fixed the error, download and install the latest Visual C++ redistributables both x86 and x64 versions. This will fix the Whoa! Cyberpunk 2077 has flatlined error.


Delete UserSetting.json

Another fix for Cyberpunk 2077 has Flatlined error is to delete the “UserSetting” file. Go to C:\Users\”your username”\AppData\Local|CD Projekt Red\ and delete the Cyberpunk 2077 folder. Launch the game and the Flatlined Error is now fixed.

That is all for our Cyberpunk 2077 Has Flatlined Error fix. If you are facing other errors with the game then also see our Errors and Fixes for the game. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.


  1. Thanks but this did not fix it.

    What ive done so far:

    -Updated Win 10
    -Updated GPU drivers
    -Tried with rolled-back drivers (as far as current win10 can support)
    -Disabled all overlays
    -Tried with GeForce open/closed
    -Disabled Afterburner, Tuner
    -Tried with admin rights/high dpi scaling disabled
    -Tried running directly from Launcher or Binary
    -Reinstalled all VC Redistributables
    -Tried running via HDMI instead of DSP
    -did everything in
    -Did everythig in

  2. I have tried all of this, and the game still flatlines.

    Asus Prime x570-Pro Mobo
    Ryzen 3700x CPU
    32 GB RAM
    RTX 2060 Super
    2 1tb NVME

  3. POS game 7 years in the making, couldnt install on a 120gb ssd, had to install a larger one because it kept saying no space. updated gpu and windows. 8 fucking hours to install this game. finally fucking install it and i get the flatline error. FUCK THIS POS

  4. Nothing helps for me either. CDPR and GOG haven’t responded to any of my requests for help. I talked to a game expert on one of the forums and he said that this bug is due to a bug on CDPR’s side. The “Woah Cyberpunk 2077 has Flatlined” bug happens for me at the end of a main quest, and then all the characters start talking over each other.

    Here is a link to the forum:


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