The economy of CP 2077 is pretty basic but broken. However, developers are planning to introduce new patches to fix the broken economy of Cyberpunk 2077. Still, whether they fix it or not, you need to have a good understanding of Cyberpunk 2077’s economy. In this guide, we will discuss the economy of Cyberpunk 2077.


Economic Overview

Night City operates on a capitalist economy steeped in stark class disparities. The currency, Eddies (short for Eurodollars), is the lifeblood of every transaction, from buying weapons to paying for information. Corporations hold significant sway, impacting market dynamics significantly.

There are a handful of ways to earn and spend your cash in Night City. The following is an overview list of the most common methods you will encounter in Cyberpunk 2077.

Sources of Income

  • Quests & Gigs: The primary source of income for players is completing quests, gigs, and side jobs. These are provided by various NPCs and can range from heists to escort missions.
  • Bounties: Night City is rife with crime, and law enforcement often posts bounties on criminals. Players can earn money by neutralizing these threats.
  • Hacking: Skilled Netrunners can hack into systems, access secure data, or even empty digital wallets, providing a lucrative income source.
  • Selling Loot: The city is littered with valuable items. Scavenge for weapons, clothing, and other sellable items.

Ways To Spend Money

  • Weapon Shops: Known as Gunsmiths, these vendors sell various firearms and upgrades.
  • Ripperdocs: They offer cybernetic enhancements and modifications, essential for boosting your combat and technical capabilities.
  • Clothing Stores: Different stores offer unique fashion styles, impacting both your street cred and armor rating.
  • Food & Drug Vendors: These stalls provide consumables that can boost your health and provide temporary combat bonuses.
  • Fixers: These information brokers are key NPCs, offering gigs and valuable intel for the right price.

Vendor Rules

Rare items will always cost more at vendors. Most vendors have rare items locked behind minimum Street Cred requirements. Items sold by vendors scale to your current level. Stocks regenerate after every 48 in-game hours or when you move far away. Vendors will often offer discounts.

Ways To Farm Money

  • Dive into Side Quests: Night City is brimming with side quests, each offering a decent chunk of Eddies upon completion. These missions are not just financially rewarding but also rich in storytelling.
  • Complete Gigs: Fixers around the city will offer V a variety of gigs, ranging from search and recover to assassination missions. They’re quick, repeatable, and offer substantial financial rewards.
  • NCPD Scanner Hustles: Keep an eye out for NCPD missions marked on your map. These include neutralizing criminals, disrupting organized crime activities, and more. They’re short, plentiful, and can be tackled in rapid succession for quick cash.
  • Scavenge Everything: Night City is littered with items. From expensive clothing to components, grab everything you can. Every item goes for a price.
  • Sell Junk Items: Accumulated junk can be sold at Drop Points scattered across the city for a quick profit.
  • Trade Weapons and Clothing: Rather than junking, sell extra weapons and clothing to appropriate vendors for a better payout.
  • Access Points: If you’ve invested in the NetRunner skills, hacking into Access Points using the “Breach Protocol” can net you Eddies and valuable crafting components.
  • Quickhack Profits: Sell the Quickhacks you craft for a significant sum, especially the rarer ones.

And that’s how the economy works in Cyberpunk 2077. If you want to learn more, check out our guide on how you can get Skippy The Talking Gun. For more content, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub.