Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Locations, Clues, and Names

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Locations and clues

There are 17 Cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077. The objective of this guide is to give you all the Cyberpsycho Sightings locations, clues, and the actual names of these targets. Killing Cyberpsychos won’t always be your main objective as there almost always at one shard or email on a computer for you to find in the area. The information on these computers will give you some insight into what led your targets to become Cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077. As I mentioned above, there are 17 Cyberpsychos at different locations of Night. In this guide, I will explain where to find all Cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychos Locations and Clues

Before you can find and kill a Cyberpsycho you need to meet certain requirements that are usually about completing a side or main job.

Cyberpsycho Location #1 (Little China)

  • Target Name: Alec Johnson
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

You can find this Cyberpsycho in the watersode storage facility which can be accessed from the promanade that goes alongside the river. The Cyberpsycho is caryying a shard, with other available on the body inside the open garage. The latter shard you’ll find is encrypted but you can decrypt it from the main menu. You will have solve a small mini-game to hack it.

Cyberpsycho Location #2 (Demons of War)

  • Target Name: Matt Liaw
  • Unlock Condition:  The Rescue

This Cyberpsycho is roaming on an unfinished section of the elevated highway. The highway was suppose to connect Kabuki to Japantown, information regarding this job is found on the body at the end of the road. There is blue shipping container here with a laptop inside that has more information.

Cyberpsycho Location #3 (Help is on the Way)

  • Target Name: Mower
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

Go to the residential building near the river on Allen Street. You will findd Militech vehicles in the area trying to lockdown the block. You will find a shard on the body at the top of the stairs that lead to the atrium of the designated building. Your target is waiting inside the building.

Cyberpsycho Location #4 (Bloody Ritual)

  • Target Name: Zaria Hughes
  • Unlock Condition: Playing for Time (visit area after 8PM)

Go deep in the Marlstrom territory and find the bloody ritual in the Northside. Search the bodt of the gang member who dies in front of V. From the body you will get a shard. Hack the shard solving the mini-game and examine other clues in the same area with your scanner until Zaria appears.

Cyberpsycho Location #5 (Where the Bodies Hit the Floor)

  • Target Name: Ellis Carter
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

The Cyberpsycho clues are in a side alley near the Totentanz club, close to the Pershing Steet Fast Travel point. You will find Ellis Carter in a dead end and his back is turned which gives V an oppertunity to sneak behind and attack. If your character level is high-enough, you will kill Ellis with a single blow.

Cyberpsycho Location #6 (Six Feet Under)

  • Target Name: Lely Hein
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

You will find this Cyberpsycho by following the train tracks along the highway. You have a single shard with pertinent details to find here but the shard is carried by the Cyberpsycho.

Cyberpsycho Location #7 (A Dance With Death)

Diego can be found on the very long pier on the seashore but inspect a van parked below the pier before you engage with this Cyberpsycho. The information you find inside the van chages the complexion of this story. There is a shard on Diego and another one on his victim.

Cyberpsycho Location #8 (Lex Taliions)

  • Target Name: Spaceboy
  • Unlock Condition: Transmision

To start this side job you need to open a door near the north of the Grand Imperial Mall. The door takes you to a netrunner den so you need to be preapred before you open the door. Inside you will find your Cyberpsycho for this location. Kill Spaceboy and read the messages on the computer at the back of the netrunner den.

Cyberpsycho Location #9 (The Wasteland)

  • Target Name: Euralio Alma
  • Unlock Condution: The Rescue

Go to the desingated location a shard on a victim of a car crash. The crash happend near a blue contaner in the desert. There is cyberware case to scan in front of the contrainer. Trigger your scanner and follow the blood trail to the northeast. The Cyberpsycho is in the camp by the elevated railway and has a shard for you to collect.

Cyberpsycho Location #10 (Second Chances)

  • Target Name: Wylde
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

After searching the body at the marked area in Badlands, scan the tracks to reach the Raffen Shiv car to the east. You will find a body with a shard and a sniper rifle. The Cyberpsycho will attack you when you reach this location.

Cyberpsycho Location #11 (House on the Hill)

  • Target Name: Sam Milton
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

The job takes place on a farm that has a fence surrounding it and laser mines near the entrance. There are drones petrolling the area and turrent on the roof. Enter through the missing fence section on the west side of the farm and deal with the mechanical devices by using Cyberpsychosis. Sam Milton is your Cyberpsycho and he is inside the garage.

Cyberpsycho Location #12 (Discount Doc)

  • Target Name: Chase Coley
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

The Cyberpsycho is found in a shady ribberdoc clinic in Rancho Coronado. When you arrive at the location you will find a security guard fighting the Cyberpsycho you are looking for. Wait until the Cyberpsycho kills the guard, otherwise, the guard will attack you as well.

Cyberpsycho Location #13 (Too Liitle, Too Late)

  • Target Name: Tamara Cosby
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

There is homeless camp under the underpass of the elevated highway to the south of Megabuilding H4. You can pick up the shard behind a plastic curtain to the right of the camp entrance. There is another shard on a body nearby to the north. Tamara Cosby, the Cyberpsycho, is near the entrance as you get close to the second shard in the north.

Cyberpsycho Location #14 (On Dead Ears)

  • Target Name: Cedric Muller
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

Muller is on the ground floor of a parking lot that is accessed through the elevated highway. You will find two shards here and one of them is on the body between the two reflectors. The second shard is in the chest container nearby.

Cyberpsycho Location #15 (Phantom of Night City)

  • Target Name: Norio Akuhara
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

Close to the Night City center for Behavorial Health, there is an alleyway with multiple Tiger Claw bikes. There are two shards in this area. One of the shard is in a chest by the wall and another one is in possession of the Cyberpsycho himself.

Cyberpsycho Location #16 (Jealous Hearts)

  • Target Name: Dao Hyunh
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

Go to the designated promanade in Wellsprings where you will find this Cyberpsycho. Dao is getting a Cyberpsychotic episode on the terrace of a seaside cafe. There two shards here, one is on your target while the other is on his sister.

Cyberpsycho Location #17 (Letter of the Law)

  • Target Name: Gaston Phillips
  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue

Enter the fenced section via the open door but be ready to handle mines as soon as you step inside. Your target is at the very end of the hostile area, on the back side. It is best to deal with as many mines and explosives before you fight Gaston. One shard is on the target while the second is on the computer.

And these were all of the Cyberpsychos locations in Cyberpunk 2077.

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