Cyberpunk 2077 Consumables Guide – Effects, Rarities, Price

Cyberpunk 2077 consumables

If you want to survive in the hard world of Cyberpunk 2077 you need to be familiar with all types of consumables. These items are used to heal, get special buffs, restore RAM, and get perk points. Below is a complete Cyberpunk 2077 consumables guide.

Cyberpunk 2077 Consumables Guide

There are close to 30 consumables in Cyberpunk 2077. Consumables are divided into different rarities just like grenades, clothes, weapons, and other items.

Name and Type  Effect and Rarity  Duration  Price 
MaxDoc MK.1 (Inhaler)  Uncommon: Restore 40% health  Instant  9 
MaxDoc Mk.2 (Inhaler)  Rare: Restore 60% health  Instant  18 
MaxDoc Mk.3 (Inhaler)  Epic: Restore 80% health  Instant  30 
Bounce Back Mk.1 (Injector)  Common: Restore 15% health and get 3% regen/s  30s  6 
Bounce Back Mk.2 (Injector)  Uncommon: Restore 20% health and get 4% regen/s  30s  9 
Bounce Back Mk.3 (Injector)  Rare: Restore 25% health and 6% regen/s  30s  78 
Health Booster (Booster)  Rare: Increase max health by 20%  30 minutes  2250 
Stamina Booster (Booster)  Uncommon: Increase max stamina by 50%  30 minutes  1125 
RAM Jolt (Booster)  Uncommon: Increase max RAM by 2  30 minutes  1125 
Capacity Booster (Booster)  Uncommon: Increase max carry capacity by 50%  30 minutes  1125 
Oxy Booster (Booster)  Common: Enables Underwater breathing  30 minutes  750 
Park Shard  Epic: Get 1 perk point  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Handguns  Epic: Get 500XP to handgun’s skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Assault  Epic: Get 500XP to Assault skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Blades  Epic: Get 500XP to Blades’ skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Street Brawler  Epic: Get 500XP to Street Brawler skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Athletics  Epic: Get 500XP for Athletics skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Annihilation  Epic: Get 500XP for Annihilation skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Quickhacking  Epic: Get 500XP for Quickhacking skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Breach Protocol  Epic: Get 500XP for Breach Protocol skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Stealth  Epic: Get 500XP for Stealth skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Cold Blood  Epic: Get 500XP for Cold Blood Skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Engineering  Epic: Skill Engineering skill  Instant  500 
Skill Shard: Crafting  Epic: Get 500XP for Crafting skill  Instant  500 
Tabula E-Rasa  Legendary: Allows you respec perk points  Instant  100000 
Food (Edible)  Common: Increase max health by 5% and regen 0.5% health every second outside of combat  450s  5 
Drink (Edible)  Common: Increase stamina by 10% and increase stamina regen by 50%  450s  10 
Alcohol (Edible)  Common: -10% movement speed and +50% weapon spread (stacks three times)  30s  30 

You can get consumables in Cyberpunk 2077 from food vendors and Ripperdocs. You can get alcohol from any of the 15 bars in and out of Night City.

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