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Cyberpunk 2077 Character Progression Explained


One of the main gameplay elements of Cyberpunk 2077 is the character progression. Playing the game means you’ll be constantly working on improving your character. Upgrading your character for progression requires getting new kills, implants, choosing the right class, perks, and building your reputation.

Cyberpunk 2077 Character Progression Guide

Character progression is a multifaceted system that allows players to tailor their character, V, in numerous ways. From aesthetic choices to skill development, the game offers a plethora of options to shape your character’s journey in Night City. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the character progression system in Cyberpunk 2077:

Character Customization

  • Origin Story: Players can choose V’s background, which influences their starting point in the game and their relationships with various factions.
  • Physical Appearance: The game boasts a detailed character customization engine. Players can modify hairstyle, skin color, makeup, nail length and color, and even eyebrow and facial hair color independently. Additionally, players can choose body modifications, including body type, voice, and even genitalia. The game offers a high degree of freedom, allowing any body type to have any genitalia.

Character Level and Attributes

  • Character Level: As players complete missions, they earn experience and level up. A higher character level allows players to tackle more challenging missions and enemies.
  • Attribute Points: Leveling up can grant players Attribute Points, which can be allocated to one of the five main stats: Body, Reflex, Intelligence, Technical Ability, and Cool. These attributes influence various skills and abilities. For instance, the Cool attribute affects critical damage and stealth.

Skills and Perks

  • Skills improve by performing related actions. For example, stealthy actions improve the Stealth skill.
  • Each skill has associated perks, which are passive upgrades that enhance combat abilities. For instance, a perk in the Stealth skill tree might increase sneaking speed.
  • Skills can only be improved up to the level of their corresponding attribute. For example, if the Cool attribute is at level 6, the Stealth skill cannot surpass level 6.
  • Players earn Perk Points to unlock perks as they level up. Advanced perks require investment in basic perks within the same skill tree.

Street Cred and Cyberware

  • Street Cred: Represents V’s reputation in Night City. Completing missions and jobs increases Street Cred, which unlocks tougher missions, better vendor prices, and exclusive items in stores.
  • Cyberware: These are cybernetic enhancements that can be installed in various parts of V’s body, granting new abilities. For instance, a piece of Cyberware might allow V to double jump. Some high-end Cyberware requires a high level of Street Cred and credits to purchase.


One of the standout features of Cyberpunk 2077 is its flexibility in character progression. Players aren’t locked into specific builds or playstyles. Whether you’re focusing on stealth, combat, hacking, or a mix of everything, the game’s progression system supports a wide range of playstyles.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers a rich and intricate character progression system that allows players to shape V’s journey in Night City in myriad ways. From aesthetic choices to skills and cybernetic enhancements, the game ensures that every player’s experience is unique and tailored to their preferences.

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