Cyberpunk 2077 offers players a ton of choices for every main mission and side quest. Every choice the players make, they’ll face consequences be it positive or negative. One such choice is saving Brick in “The Pickup” mission. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we will help players with where to find Brick and how to save him, offering players not only a sense of accomplishment but also potential benefits as the game unfolds. Navigate the intricate paths of the All Foods Factory, make crucial decisions, and ensure Brick’s safety with this detailed guide. Embark on this mission with confidence and reap the rewards of your actions in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.



Before trying to free Brick, players should be aware of certain prerequisites that can significantly impact the outcome:

  1. Handling Royce:
    • Players will encounter Royce, the Maelstrom gang leader, during the mission. The decision on how to deal with him is crucial. It’s recommended to eliminate Royce as this action will not only allow players to loot his body for valuable items but also make the process of freeing Brick smoother.
  2. Intelligence Attribute:
    • Having a high Intelligence attribute is beneficial in this mission. It allows players to hack into systems and gain access to areas and information that would otherwise be unavailable. A higher Intelligence level will enable players to disarm the detonator easily, ensuring Brick’s safety.
  3. Awareness of the Detonator:
    • Players should be aware that Brick is trapped with a live detonator. Knowledge about this explosive device and how to disarm it is essential to successfully free Brick without any casualties.
  4. Code to Brick’s Room:
    • The code to access Brick’s room (9691) is vital. Players should make a note of this code as they will need it to unlock the door and reach Brick.

How To Free Brick In Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Phantom Liberty

Entering All Foods Plant

Begin the mission by entering the All Foods Plant. Players can choose to go in guns blazing or adopt a stealthy approach. The latter is recommended to avoid unnecessary confrontations and conserve resources.

Locating Brick

Navigate through the All Foods Plant to locate Brick. He is held in a room, and players will need to be cautious of gang members who may be guarding the area. Utilize stealth and take down enemies silently to ensure a smooth rescue operation.

Disarming the Detonator

Upon reaching Brick, players will notice a detonator that is set to explode. If players have a high Intelligence attribute, they can hack into the detonator and disarm it, ensuring Brick’s safety. This step is crucial, and players must act quickly to prevent the detonator from going off.

Unlocking Brick’s Room

Use the code (9691) to unlock the door to Brick’s room. Enter the code promptly to gain access and reach Brick. Ensure that the area is secure before proceeding to unlock the door.

Freeing Brick

Once inside the room, interact with Brick and inform him about the disarmed detonator. Complete the necessary dialogue options to free Brick and ensure his safety.

Exiting the All Foods Plant

After freeing Brick, guide him safely out of the All Foods Plant. Be on the lookout for any remaining gang members and eliminate them to ensure a safe exit. Exit the plant and conclude the mission segment successfully.

Tips and Tricks

Stealth is Your Friend: Opt for a stealthy approach when entering the All Foods Plant. This method allows players to avoid unnecessary battles and conserve ammunition and health resources. Use the environment to hide and silently take down enemies.

Invest in Intelligence: Ensure your character has a high Intelligence attribute. This investment is beneficial for hacking into systems, such as the detonator in Brick’s room. Successfully hacking the detonator is crucial for ensuring Brick’s safety.

Be Quick but Cautious: Time is of the essence, especially when disarming the detonator. However, do not rush and compromise your safety or Brick’s. Be quick in your actions but remain cautious of the surroundings and potential threats.

Memorize the Code: Remember the code (9691) to unlock Brick’s room. Having the code at your fingertips ensures swift action, preventing any delays in reaching and freeing Brick.

Secure the Area: Before unlocking Brick’s room and interacting with him, ensure the area is secure. Eliminate any threats that may jeopardize the mission and ensure a safe environment for both you and Brick.

Guide Brick Safely: After freeing Brick, do not let your guard down. Remain vigilant and guide Brick safely out of the All Foods Plant. Eliminate any remaining enemies and ensure a clear path for exit.

That is all for our Cyberpunk 2077 guide on where to find Brick and how to free him. For more on the game, also see our How To Find Hideo Kojima and Iconic Items Guide.