Players get to customize their character to their liking when they start Cyberpunk 2077 2.0. Not only that, players also get to invest in their character’s attributes like Intelligence, reflexes, and more. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we will help you with the best starter Tank build in the game by suggesting attribute allocation, best tank weapon, and more.


Best Starter Tank Build For Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

Stat Allocation

In Cyberpunk 2077, creating a tank build requires a strategic allocation of stats. For the Phantom Liberty tank build, focus on maximizing your Body, Tech, and Cool stats.

  • Body: Enhance your HP and overall resilience, allowing you to withstand heavy damage from enemies.
  • Tech: Improve your armor and resistance, providing additional protection in combat.
  • Cool: Boost your stealth and critical damage resistance, making you a formidable opponent in any battle scenario.

By prioritizing these stats, you ensure a solid foundation for your tank build, allowing you to face the challenges of Night City head-on.

Weapon For Tank Build: Rostovic DB-2 Satara

The Rostovic DB-2 Satara is a powerhouse weapon for tank builds. This shotgun is capable of ignoring cover and armor, delivering devastating damage to enemies. When paired with the feedback circuit, it provides excellent health regeneration, keeping you in the fight longer.

How To Get The Rostovic DB-2 Satara

The Rostovic DB-2 Satara is a powerful double-barrel shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077, capable of being charged to release a potent shot. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to obtain this weapon, its stats, and other relevant information.

  1. Vendor Availability:
    • Straight Shooters: Uncommon, Legendary
    • Iron & Lead: Uncommon
    • 2nd Amendment: Uncommon, Rare If the DB-2 Satara is not present when visiting a shop, exit, use Skip Time to go 24 hours ahead, and repeat until DB-2 Satara is available.
  2. Crafting:
    • The DB-2 Satara can be crafted after the Crafting Specs are obtained.
    • Crafting Spec unlocked automatically as a reward for reaching Crafting Level 6 (Uncommon).
    • Shop: Gun Vendor (West Wind Estate) for Rare.
  3. Enemy Drops:
    • Macho (Valentinos) Assault: Common
    • Blitzer (Tyger Claws) Assault: Uncommon
    • Sicario (Valentinos) Assault: Epic
    • Sheila Brutalizer (Animals) Assault: Common
    • Maniac (Maelstrom) Assault: Common
    • Brutalizer (Animals) Assault: Epic
    • Lieutenant (6th Street Gang): Random Epic

Use the Feedback Circuit

The feedback circuit is crucial for health regeneration. With the Rostovic DB-2 Satara, the base charge time for the feedback circuit is reduced, allowing for faster health recovery. Invest in perks and increase your tech level to further enhance this feature, ensuring you remain healthy and combat-ready.

Main Perks For Best Tank Build

Main PerkEffect at Lvl.1
PainkillerActivates gradual health recovery during combat.
Wrecking BallReduces stamina consumption for blunt weapon attacks by 15%.
Die! Die! Die!Decreases recoil by 15% when stamina is low.
QuakeDiminishes stamina usage for blunt weapon attacks by 15%.
Adrenaline RushIncreases maximum health by 35.
Spontaneous ObliterationReduces recoil by 15% at low stamina levels.
Finisher: Savage SlingEnables a blunt weapon finisher. Press F near low-health enemies, especially stunned ones, to restore 20% health. Hold F to throw enemies, eliminating them and causing damage where they land.
Pain to GainBoosts health item recharge by 20% after defeating an enemy when Adrenaline Rush is active.
OnslaughtEnhances ammo refill by 20% after eliminating an enemy with a Light Machine Gun.
Rip and TearDoubles damage for the next Quick Melee Attack post shooting an enemy with a Shotgun and vice versa.

Secondary Perk For Best Tank Build

Secondary PerksEffect at Lvl.1
Army of OneBoosts health regeneration rate by 10% for each enemy in proximity.
Speed JunkieEnhances health regeneration rate by 60% while running.
Comeback KidIncreases health regeneration rate by 1% for each percent of health missing.
Dorph-HeadUpon using Blood Pump Cyberware or a Health Item, grants 100% chance to mitigate damage for 2 seconds. Mitigation reduces incoming damage by a default of 50%.
Fly SwatterDecreases incoming ranged damage by 40% when blocking with blunt weapons.
ClapbackEnsures 100% chance to knockdown with defensive attacks and stun with counterattacks. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Kinetic AbsorptionUpon blocking an attack, grants 10% stamina and boosts blunt weapon damage by 30% for 5 seconds.
BreakthroughReduces enemy armor by 40% for 7 seconds after landing a strong attack.
Bullet BalletReduces bullet spread by 25% while in motion.
Don’t Stop Me NowBelow 33% stamina, provides 15% mitigation chance and enhances mitigation strength by 5%.
Like a FeatherEliminates movement speed penalty with Shotguns, Light Machine Guns, and Heavy Machine Guns.
BloodlustGrants 50 Adrenaline on dismembering a nearby enemy when Adrenaline Rush is active.
EpicenterEnhances Quake’s area and damage based on fall speed and distance when performed midair.
AftershockGrants 30 stamina for each enemy hit with Quake.
Ripple EffectBoosts health by 15% for each enemy hit by Quake.
Calm MindDelays Adrenaline decay by 3 seconds when Adrenaline Rush is active.
Unstoppable ForceProvides immunity to movement penalties and non-damaging status effects like Knockdown, Blinding, etc., when Adrenaline Rush is active.
Rush of BloodEnhances reload speed by 20% for 8 seconds post dismembering an enemy.
DreadReduces enemy armor by 15% with ranged attacks. Dismemberment spreads the effect to nearby enemies.
SkullcrackerAmplifies damage of Quick Melee Attacks as Stamina decreases (up to 200% at 0 Stamina).
JuggernautIncreases the chance to obliterate enemies with close-range ranged attacks (up to 10%).
JuggernautBoosts movement speed by 20% and damage by 10% when Adrenaline Rush is active.

Gameplay Tips

When using the Rostovic DB-2 Satara, employ these strategies:

  • Engage enemies from a strategic position, maximizing the shotgun’s damage output.
  • Utilize cover effectively to minimize incoming damage.
  • Focus on enemies with high damage output, neutralizing them quickly with the Rostovic DB-2 Satara.

By following these tips, you ensure optimal performance in combat, making the most of your tank build and weapon choice.

That is all for our Cyberpunk 2077 Best Starter Tank Build Guide. For more on the game, also see our How To Get Money Fast Guide and How To Find Hideo Kojima.