Cyberpunk 2077 Best Melee Build 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 best melee build 2021

Have you ever wanted to be a warrior or a ninja that specializes in closed range combat? Well, you are in luck as in Cyberpunk 2077 you can become such a thing. This guide will include a build that revolves around blades which are katanas, knives, machetes, mantis blades in the game. Perks and attributes that compliment the blades either early or late game will also be mentioned.

Best Melee Build in Cyberpunk 2077

The foundation of any great build starts from the character creation.

Early On (Character Creation)


Cyberpunk 2077 has five attributes that have abilities in them. Early on you a few points into these attributes, but you will get more points later in the game. The attributes are Reflexes, Technical Ability, Cool, Intelligence and Body. As you are going for a melee build, you will have to put 3 points in Reflexes, 2 in Cool, and 2 in Body. It will give you bonus stamina and hp. Along with Crit Chance, Evasion, and more damage if you are playing stealthily. 


Now there are many perks to choose from, and when I say a lot, I mean it. There are tons of perks in each attribute. First off let us discuss the perks you should get on level 1. From Athletics in the Body attribute, you should consider getting Invincible and True Grit as they give additional stamina and health. Next is the Blades in the Reflexes attribute. Now your fight style is fundamental in selecting these perks. If you like to attack often and with combos, you can go Sting Like a Bee and Crimson Dance. If you rely on strong attacks and dodge when you need to, you should get Roaring Waters and Shifting Sands.

In Stealth in the cool attribute, you can invest points if your playstyle is more stealthy. Getting the Crouching Tiger here is a must. You can also get the passive Cold Blood from Cold Blood which gives movement speed to kill up to 2 stacks. 


You can get the Legendary Mantis Blades for free after you have done the mission to get out of Watson with Jackie. Early on this weapon is the best choice for a melee build. It has decent damage, excellent attack speed and suitable for stealthy encounters. Later as you progress through the game, you can buy good blades or katanas from shops or can look for them in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Later in the game weapons like the Scalpel and the Satori Katana can be easily found. These blades with bonus Crit Chance and damage from perks can do insane damage to an enemy.

Mid or Late Game


Skill upgrade on their own as they are used more often. However, you will have to upgrade your existing perks. Some perks are ok to be kept level 1, and upgrading them does not give that significant advantage. We will focus on abilities that are even better when they are updated. If you intend to use the Mantis Blades then upgrading Sting Like a Bee and getting the Blessed Blade perk will be very good for the blade.

If the enemies have a lot of health, putting points into Fiery Blast can be useful. The more you damage the enemy, the more it increases as their health decreases. It can be perfect in long fights as this perk can shorten those fights. If you are going to sustain rather than damage, you can go for Death Bolt, which makes you a tanky and agile target.


In cyberware, your playstyle will matter a lot as well. If you are going for skills and momentum, getting the fortified ankles and reinforced tendons will be very good. They allow you to jump high and double jump, which can enable you to make more plays. Dense Marrow if you are going all-in for damage as it will drain your stamina quite a bit. It is useful for heavy weapons as well. If you are going for sustain then getting the Synaptic Signal Optimizer is the best as it increases your health.


For quickhacks, you can go for ping which gives you your enemies’ location, so you don’t get attack by an enemy from behind. For increased damage, you can get Overheat which burns the target for several seconds for good damage. If robots and drones pose more of a problem to you than regular enemies, then you can get Short Circuit.

How to Play the Build

How to play the build is again up to you. There will be different encounters for you in the entire game. In some, there might be enemies keeping their distance and shooting from far away. In this scenario, having movement speed to get to them and slicing them is the only option. Playing aggressive or stealthily depends on you. If you want to go face to face, multiple enemies, doing damage to all is also an option. Going ninja-style to creep up on your enemies from the shadows and kill them with increased damage is also an option.

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