Welcome to our guide on Cyberpunk 2077 Beat on the Brat side job where we will provide you with all the information you need to successfully complete the “Beat on the Brat” questline. This side quest is all about fighting your way to the top of the boxing scene in Night City, taking on some of the toughest opponents the city has to offer.

We will walk you through the final choice you need to make at the end of the questline and provide tips on how to defeat each of the champions you will face along the way. Our guide will also include information on the different champion locations and the rewards you can expect to receive for defeating them.

Beat on the Brat is one of the early side quests in Cyberpunk 2077. You can complete this side job within 20-30 minutes depending on your build and stats. So without further ado, let’s dive into Cyberpunk 2077 Beat on the Brat Side Job.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Beat All Champions in Beat on the Brat Side Job

  • Unlock Condition: The Rescue
  • Type: Minor Side Job
  • Quest Giver: Coach Fred

After you leave your apartment for the first time in Cyberpunk 2077 and successfully clear The Rescue Main Job, go to the elevator, and Couch Fred will challenge you to a fight. Accept the challenge to trigger Beat on the Brat questline. After you beat the Android sparring partner you can go and beat multiple champions across Night City.

You need to beat the following champions to complete the Beat on the Brat

  • Champion of Kabuki
  • Champion of Arroyo
  • Champion of Rancho Coronado
  • Champion of The Glen
  • Champion of Pacifica

Champion of Kabuki Location and How to Beat The Twins (Level 5)

Champion of Kabuki Location
Champion of Kabuki Location

Reward: 500 or 1000 Eddies and Street Cred.

In Kabuki, you face not one but a set of champions. These are twins and if you feel confident enough you can use the opportunity to raise the stakes. The key to winning the fight is to keep moving around and avoid a situation where you face both men simultaneously. Instead, maneuver carefully in a way that one twin impedes the other, chip in some damage, and move back.

Fight Tips

  • Temporarily stunning the twins with a strong attack and then focusing on one twin at a time.
  • Time your blocks to parry attacks.
  • By strafing to the side, you can keep both twins in front of you so they can’t double up on you.
  • Use dodges both defensively and aggressively.

Champion of Arroyo Location and How to Beat Buck (Level 22)

Champion of Arroyo Location
Champion of Arroyo Location

Reward: O’Five Power Sniple Rifle, 20 EXP, 460 Street Cred

In Arroyo, you face a war veteran named Buck. If you are prepared and feel confident you ask him to put his Sniper Rifle on the line. However, there is a problem with this option. If you win the fight with the Sniper Rifle on the line, it is going to end up in a gunfight because our veteran Buck is a sour loser. He will ask his thugs to attack you so you’ll need to take out your weapon and kill them all. On the other hand, if you don’t put the Sniper Rifle on the line and win the fight you can leave the arena peacefully but you can choose to stay and antagonize Buck, kill him and take the Sniper Rifle.

Fight Tips

  • Buck’s strength lies in his ability to hit really hard.
  • His punches can inflict a ton of damage, as we found out when we went down after just four hits at a “moderate” difficulty level.
  • Buck’s power attacks still do significant damage even if they are blocked, so dodging his attacks is key to winning.
  • After dodging, take advantage of the opening to deliver two to three hits.
  • Be prepared to dodge again immediately, as Buck often follows up with a flurry of attacks, throwing up to four hits at a time.
  • To avoid taking too much damage, dodge Buck’s attacks instead of blocking them.

Champion of Glen Location and How to Beat Cesar (Level 28)

Champion of Glen Location
Champion of Glen Location

Reward: $8000, 950 EXP, 2137 Street Cred, and vehicle: Alvarado “Vato”

At the Glen arena, you will face Cesar who will put his car on the line. Once you beat him using your combat skills, you can choose to keep the money and the car. However, you can also choose to allow Cesar to keep one of them, or you can simply walk away with nothing. Your decision here has an impact on future events. If you choose to let him keep his car or money, he later makes an appearance in the finale, and even sends you a picture of his newborn baby.

Fight Tips

  • His greatest strength is being able to blink/teleport short distances.
  • He usually charges at you, blinks into the air, then punches you. Dodge left, right, or backwards to avoid this.
  • During the punch window, move in and punch him three to four times.
  • The blink ability of El Cesar makes his moves dangerous to block.
  • It takes close to 20 punches to defeat El Cesar.

Champion of Rancho Coronado Location and How to Beat Rhino (Level 30)

Champion of Rancho Coronado Location
Champion of Rancho Coronado Location

Reward: 950 XP / Street Cred XP

The fight takes place inside an arena in Rancho Coronado which is also the stage for “For My Son” gig. In most cases, if you haven’t completed the gig or did so with stealth you can find a bouncer at the gate. To enter the area, you can either pay or intimidate him (if you meet the Body attribute requirements.) On the other hand, you skip the bouncer by going in through the shutters on the northeast side of the building. Climb on the red containers and slip through. Speak with Rhino once inside to start the fight. There is no wager on this fight through. It is to be noted that if you already completed the gig in a violent way and killed everyone inside including Rhino, you’ll simply get a free win when you reach the location.

Fight Tips

  • Rhino punches really hard, so you should avoid her punches at all costs.
  • Landing a punch at the beginning of the match will knock her back, allowing for additional punches.
  • Don’t waste punches on Rhino if she’s blocking. Instead, wait for her to swing and punch before her, as her swings are low and can be canceled with punches.
  • Dodging in and out of Rhino’s swings may be difficult given the ring’s small size. Instead, focus on landing two to three hits and then step back to assess her next move.

Champion of Pacifica Location and How to Beat Ozob (Level 28)

Champion of Pacifica Location
Champion of Pacifica Location

Reward: 16000 or 32000 Eddies and +1045 Experience, +2350 Street Cred Experience

There is a fight waiting for you in Pacifica, it is an optional encounter that doesn’t count toward the “Beat on the Brat” side job’s completion. To unlock the optional champion you need to complete the “Send in the Clowns” job and wait for a couple of in-game days. You can double stakes before facing Ozob’s attacks are slow but powerful, be quick on your feet as you circle around him. Take him down with quick attacks and after you land a few quick punches on his head the grenade on his nose will explode.

Fight Tips

  • Get the Gorilla Arms cyberware.
  • Stamina is crucial, as running out can leave you vulnerable to Ozob’s deadly three-hit combo.
  • Often, Ozob uses punches, kicks, punch combos, or jumps in the air to attack.
  • Ozob can stumble if strong hits are landed, allowing you to land more hits.
  • Land a strong hit and then quickly dash away to create space, and repeat.
  • Street Brawler skills can increase survivability, damage output, and potentially stun Ozob.

How to Beat Razor Fight – Beat on the Brat Finale (Level 35)

The final battle with Razor takes place in the Grand Imperial Mall. Razor is a tough opponent, focus on deflecting and wearing him down with quick jabs and short combos when you get the opportunity. His weak spot is his abs so try to land jabs on his abs whenever possible.

Fight Tips

  • Using a punch to the gut may knock Hugh out.
  • You can increase punch strength against Hugh by purchasing the gorilla hands cyberware.
  • Hugh may not be a good opponent for parrying.
  • The Body attribute, especially Rush under the Street Brawler tree, can make a big difference. Your fists count as a Blunt Weapon, allowing for a 3% health recovery on successful hits.
  • Sit down with Viktor and consume consumables from your backpack. Health and stamina buffs can be gained by consuming multiple consumables, even though they don’t stack.

The Twins will come to see your fight as well as Cesar if you let him keep his car or money. Rhino will also be there if you are yet to play the “For My Son” gig or took out Logan with stealth.

Beat the on fBrat Final Choice – Win or Throw Razor Fight?

If you win the final fight against Razor:

  • Razor is a formidable opponent with advanced cyberware body modifications, but Viktor Vektor knows his weakness.
  • Viktor reveals that Razor has recently undergone abdominal muscle modifications that haven’t healed yet. Focus your attacks in this area to incapacitate him.
  • Winning the fight makes V the new champion, earning over 3000 Eurodollars and a significant boost to Street Cred.

If you throw the final fight against Razor:

  • Throwing the fight results in more eddies for V than if you had fought Razor legitimately.
  • However, purposely losing the fight also means that you won’t earn as much Street Cred.
  • If your main goal is to acquire more cash, throwing the fight may be a viable option.

That’s everything you need to know on how to complete Beat on the Brat Side Job and what happens if you choose to win or throw the Razor fight.

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