Cyberpunk 2077 2.0, despite its enhancements, still harbors bugs, one of which affects the ‘Call Car’ function, preventing players’ vehicles from spawning. This guide provides several solutions to the “Call Car Not Working” problem in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.


Basic Troubleshooting For Call Car Not Working

  • Restart the Game: Sometimes, the simplest solution works. Exit to the main menu and reload your last checkpoint, or manually save the game when the bug occurs and then load it back.
  • Check Your Garage: If the ‘Call Car’ button is red, ensure you have vehicles available. You’ll receive your first vehicle after completing Delamain’s “Human Nature” mission. Finish this mission if you haven’t, then try calling your vehicle again.
  • Use the Vehicle Menu: Hold the ‘Call Car’ button to open a list of available vehicles. Choose the one you want and see if it spawns.

If there’s another one of your vehicles nearby, the game won’t allow you to call a different one. Move away from your current vehicle and try calling it again.

As a last resort, try buying a new vehicle from a fixer and reloading the game. After spawning, call the newly purchased vehicle. This action has helped some players overcome the bug.

Advanced Solutions For Call Car Not Working

  • Keybinds Check: Go into your game settings and check your keybinds. Ensure the ‘summon vehicle’ function is bound to the correct key or button.
  • Close Proximity Issue: The game prevents vehicle summoning if you’re too close to your current one. Check your minimap for your car’s icon; if it’s there, you’ve located your vehicle.
  • Buy and Reload: Purchase a new vehicle, save your game, and then reload the save. Some players found that this method restored the ‘Call Car’ function.

Community Fix: Players on forums have suggested that saving and then reloading the game can fix the issue. Fast travel might trigger this bug, so try to avoid it until you’ve resolved the problem.

Remember, while these solutions have worked for many players, the results may vary depending on your game’s unique state and any specific circumstances triggering the bug. Patience and persistence are key in troubleshooting this Cyberpunk 2077 issue.