As you navigate the closing acts of Cyberpunk 2077, you will encounter a series of questions from Kurt Hansen, yes the same Kurt that offers the Airdrop events in Phantom Liberty. Your success in this conversation is pivotal, as incorrect answers could lead to unfavorable outcomes. Below is a guide to help you navigate this conversation successfully.


How To Answer Kurt Hansen In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

Here is a list of all questions Kurt will ask you during you meet. Answer them correctly and things will go smoothly.

Question Breakdown

Why Are You Hungover?

  • Answer: It was an accident.
  • Tip: Maintain a calm demeanor. Hansen is observant and can notice if you are lying or nervous.

Would You Like a Drink?

  • Answer: Work, then pleasure.
  • Tip: Show your professionalism. Make it clear that you prioritize work over leisure.

Did You Make a Lot of Money at the Casino?

  • Answer: This depends on whether you won at roulette previously.
  • Tip: Be honest about your casino experience. Hansen may already know the answer.

I Think We Have a Mutual Friend from Your Time in Prison.

  • Answer: What friend? She had a rat tattoo.
  • Further Explanation: We were in different wings.
  • Tip: Be specific in your answer. Providing details will make your answer more believable.

Who Was the Fashion Type You Wanted to Get in Contact With?

  • Answer: Kerry Eurodyne.
  • Tip: Remember the names of the people you have interacted with in the game.

Would You Be Able to Make Some Connections and Work with La Colectife?

  • Answer: Impossible.
  • Tip: Be firm in your refusal to work with La Colectife. Showing hesitation could be detrimental.

By paying attention to Hansen’s questions and referencing both your own knowledge and the ID card in the corner of the screen, you should be able to pass these questions the first time.

Additional Tips

  • Pay Attention to the ID Card: Your ID card, visible in the corner of the screen, contains crucial information that can help you answer Hansen’s questions.
  • Practice Patience: Take your time to think through each question before answering.
  • Review Game Progress: Revisit your game progress to refresh your memory about events and interactions.