The newest update for Cuphead, The Delicious Last Course, lets play as Ms. Chalice. With an array of new abilities, she is a very fun character to play. But how does one get her? In this Cuphead guide, we have detailed all there is to learn about playing as Chalice in The Delicious Last Course update.

Cuphead Ms. Chalice

Playing as Ms. Chalice in Cuphead is a simple affair. To begin, you need to go to the Equipment menu and choose the Charm named Astral Cookie. Doing so will replace your current character with Ms. Chalice – as simple as that. There are, however, some things to consider with Ms. Chalice.

Since she is tied to a Charm, choosing her prevents you from using others such as the one that grants 9 HP. In addition to this, there are some gameplay differences as well. These are provided below:

  1. She performs a double-jump.
  2. She automatically parries with her dash that grants her a boost.
  3. Her dash also grants her immune frames.

That is all we have got in how to play as Ms. Chalice in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. Feel free to see our detailed Cuphead wiki page for more help on the game.

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