The importance of shelters and sleeping areas in Cult of the Lamb cannot be overemphasized. These two features play a crucial role in the game, allowing your followers to rest and recover their energy.

This, in turn, allows them to continue working for the benefit of your community. Without proper shelters and sleeping areas, your followers will quickly become exhausted and unable to contribute much to your base.

How does the day-night cycle work in the Cult of the Lamb

In the Cult of the Lamb, the day-night cycle is manipulated so players may better regulate their flock. Followers will complete their designated tasks in the daytime, including worshiping, attending sermons, and more. On the other hand, most followers will sleep at night.

How To Make Sleeping Areas Better in The Cult of the Lamb

A wise leader considers the flock’s betterment at all times. Therefore, your followers will lie down on the ground at night. However, as a leader, you must ensure that they have a nice place to sleep for them to rest peacefully. With the help of the Divine Inspiration mechanic, you can unlock better sleeping facilities:

  • Sleeping Bag: It’s a Tier I upgrade that usually falls.
  • Shelter: It’s a Tier II upgrade that will only work if you first set the Sleeping. In other words, you will place a shelter over the sleeping bag, which can hold the area pretty well.
  • Grand Shelter: As the name suggests, the grand shelter is the Tier IV upgrade option that you can use without the fear of collapsing.

Pro Tip: Provide the best sleeping environment for particularly materialistic trait followers. As a result, you will earn +5 faith.

That’s everything you need to know about Cult of the Lamb Shelters and Sleeping Areas. Need more help? See Farming, Final Boss Fight, Coins Farming.

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