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Cult Of The Lamb Shamura Guide: How To Beat The Spider


Each of the Bishops transform before a fight and Shamura turns into a spider. Shamura is the last Bishop that you need to beat in order to get to the final boss. In this Cult of the Lamb guide, we are going to go over how you can beat Shamura.

How To Defeat Shamura In Cult Of The Lamb

Our general tip for this encounter is to keep moving. If you do that, you will find that even though Shamura is the last of the Bishops, this boss is relatively easy to beat. The encounter has a lot of sticking and rolling around in order to dodge not only Shamura but the minions that join the fight as well.

The spiders are going to spin on and off the screen but as long as you stay off of the targets that appear on the ground, you should be safe. This will protect you from most of Shamura’s ranged attacks.

The melee attacks of the boss are a bit more challenging to counter. The lunge attack is telegraphed and its tell is that the boss leans back. This will give you some time to roll away. If Shamura goes off the screen and you do not see a target on the ground do not panick. Look for his shadow to see where he is going to land.

Lastly, the boss can hop and unleash a few fireballs. When this happens you should take a step back and deal with the minions before coming back to the boss again. Just be sure not to step into one of the fireballs that are flying around.

This is how you can beat Shamura in Cult of the Lamb. To learn more about the game, check out our guide on how you can defeat the final boss.

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