Farming the land is a vital aspect of this game. This guide, Cult of the Lamb Farming Guide, will explain everything you need to know about farming. Cult of the Lamb by Massive Monster is about making your own cult in a land of false prophets.

Cult of The Lamb Farming

Farming land makes people in the cult happy and flow of food for people to prevent starvation in the cult. This guide will cover the following.

  • How to Farm Corps
  • How To Unlock New Farming Facilities
  • Selection Of Seeds
  • How To Boost Growth

How to Farm Corps In Cult Of The Lamb

Farming new crops is not a difficult task to achieve. There are in-game tutorials that you need to watch. The tutorials will teach you how you can farm plots, water them, and planting fertilizers. After farming the corp with a seed, depending on what you want to grow. As a fertilizer, you can use poop. 

Farming the corps close to one another is best done in a diamond shape. Also, place them close to the building to protect its yield from Harvest Totems and Scarecrows.

How To Unlock New Farming Facilities

As you progress in the game Cult of Lamb, you will need more farming facilities. These farming facilities are 

  • Farmer Station
  • Seed silo 
  • Outhouse
  • Fertilizer Silo 

These gaming facilities aid you in farming like fertilizer silo to give farming tasks, a constant supply of seed and fertilizer. The main advantage of this is that you don’t have to do all the things by yourself you just assign tasks, and the followers will fertilize, water, and harvest the crops.

To unlock these facilities, devote a major part of your followers to pray at the central statue because of that, you have devotion points that will let you have Divine Inspiration levels a bit faster. After getting enough divine points, click on the central statue and choose the facilities that you wish to unlock. 

Selection Of Seeds

Selection of seeds is important because if you plant more for trading purposes only, that will result in starvation in the cult. So it’s best that eighty percent of the corps should be dedicated to food and the rest for trading. Top seeds that you want to plant except for food are 

  • Cauliflower Seeds
  • Beetroot Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Berry Seeds 

How To Boost Growth

Finally, to boost the growth of the corps in Cult Of the Lamb, you need to perform the Ritual Of the Harvest. This ritual is available after reaching the third tier of the SUstenance Doctrine skill tree that causes corps ready to harvest immediately.

Other than the ritual, you can use the aforementioned Harvest Totems to boost the growth of the corp in Lamb of the Cult. Although the effect will not be as fast as that of the ritual of harvest. 

This is all you need to know about Cult of Lamb Farming. Need to know more, visit Cult of Lamb Doctrine GuideCult of the Lamb Money (Coins) Farming Guide, and Cult Of The Lamb Shamura Guide: How To Beat The Spider.

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